Charlotte Flair Andrade Engaged

Charlotte Flair & Andrade Are Engaged

Charlotte Flair Andrade Engaged

People love to drink and party on New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day, while they reflect on the past 12 months. Some like to make major life decisions and that is exactly what one WWE couple did.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade are officially engaged. It seems like the question was popped shortly after 2020 arrived. The couple took to social media to share the great news.

The couple have been going out for maybe a year. Unlike some couples, they never hid their status. They we’re frequently spotted together and always sharing pictures on themselves together on social media. There were rumors months ago that they were engaged due a ring spotted on Charlotte’s hand, but she denied those reports.

As 0f now, there is no information about when the wedding will place. Hopefully, it does not air on WWE TV like Lana and Bobby Lashley. It will interesting if Charlotte drops her famous last name ‘Flair.’

There seems like no better way to start 2020 than with the news of an engagement. From everyone at Wrestle Newz, congrats to Charlotte and Andrade on their engagement.

Fans React To The Happy News

Impressive RAW Statistic

In WWE, few people can last a decade. Although, that trend seems to have changed with All Elite Wrestling.

Apparently, Luke Gallows and McIntyre are the only RAW superstars to have WWE programs in 2010 and (going into) 2020. Of course, both did leave WWE for an extended period of time before returning.

Way back, Gallows started on the main roster as the Fake Kane and then Festus. Eventually, he joined CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society before getting kicked out of the group and released. Then, in 2016, he returned and brought Karl Anderson along. Now, they are part of The OC with AJ Styles.

For McIntyre, he was given lots of attention by Vince McMahon when he debuted. Although, the push would end and he became a jobber as part of 3MB. In 2017, he returned as part of NXT and eventually headed to the main roster. Despite being in some top feuds, McIntyre mostly floated around last year.