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SmackDown In A Nutshell: Beast Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

It's SmackDown In A Nutshell time once again, and this week's plan of attack is simple. Will the Beast takes a bite out of the Big Apple?

It’s time for our latest SmackDown in a Nutshell, and this week, the Beast takes a bite out of the Big Apple.

Sometimes, I might have argued that I’d keep that one a secret. However, whether Vince likes it or not, competition is heating up and WWE needs the boost.

So, we know Lesnar will be here. Heck, there were even rumors we’d see The Undertaker (not sure why, but they existed).

What else do we get to cover in this SmackDown In A Nutshell?

How about The Usos versus The Street Profits, for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships?

Or, perhaps the absolute crown jewel of the night? Seth Rollins and Edge.

Also, if this is more your thing…Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair have a contract signing.

It’s a New York show, in WWE’s pseudo-home city, so it’s a big deal.

That should make it a big SmackDown, and thus a big SmackDown In A Nutshell.

I mean, how often can we see the Beast take a bite out of the Big Apple?

So enough about all that…let’s do this. It’s time for…

beast takes a bite
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SmackDown In A Nutshell: Beast Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Let’s take a bite out of this Nutshell!

Best Match of the night:

Two choices.

Tag match main event, or Rollins and Edge.

big apple
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Both were good, for different reasons.

The ending, sending Edge to the “hospital”, surely is done to write him off television for a while. Bigger shows are ahead, of course.

smackdown in a nutshell
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I was hoping Lesnar would intervene and cost Jimmy and Jey the belts, but having a Demon arrival post-match made sense too.

However…I think I would have loved it if we didn’t see his actual return until Extreme Rules…because otherwise, I don’t think Demon moves needles that much.

Worst match of the night:

Would it be wrong to put the ten man tag here, because they involved Trae Young?

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Honestly the match was not bad, for being a train wreck of a ten man tag. Those matches are, by their very nature, chaos.

It’s a way for SmackDown to get guys TV time…so fine.

The only right thing? Trae Young IS a heel to many, and that’s how they booked him.

Only in Atlanta could he be a babyface…and I’d still boo him there.

Crowd Chants of the Night:


Suplex City


Sign It

Star of the Night

Maybe not the star…didn’t have to do much…but Brock as a ‘tweener face was fun in the opening segment.

the beast
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Seth Rollins and Edge did great work too. Not just the action, but the emotion and psychology.

Spot of the Night:

I know it was so simple, but the Brock double clothesline of Jimmy and Jey was fun.

Jobber of the Night:

Could have been The Usos in that opening segment. After all, both did go to Suplex City.

Almost would have been Heyman, but Roman Reigns saved him.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Probably…maybe? When Brock said to Paul Heyman…”why didn’t you tell Roman I’d be at SummerSlam?”

smackdown in a nutshell
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That was something that has been teased for a few weeks, and it should be interesting to see where it might go.

Considering we saw Reigns basically kick Heyman to the curb. Then Heyman did his Beast advocate schtick.

Then Reigns saved Heyman from an F-5. Lots going on there, and that was just the opening segment.

LOL Moment of the night:

Makes me laugh how Big E is basically stalking Heyman at this point.

wwe big apple
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Noteworthy Moment:

WWE can say they don’t think AEW is competition.

The company can pretend they are ignoring AEW.

However, if you’ve been paying attention…it is clear they are not.

Reigns, with his “who runs NYC” promo? Was as much a general promo as it was a preemptive shot ahead of AEW’s New York run.

If you watched the Monday Night Wars live? To me, this is starting to feel like that more and more.

Could be good. Might not be…but we shall see.

Also…the red light from last week was what we thought it was.

At the close of the show, The Demon arrived and stared down Reigns and the Usos, and it seems it will be the Demon jobbing to Reigns at Extreme Rules.

smackdown in a nutshell big apple
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Overall lowlights:

I am not a fan of Trae Young…and having him come down for any reason makes…well, no sense.

Sure, NYC hates him. Philly fans do to.

He is an easy player to not like.

But not much point in having him around in New York outside of the cheap heat…because there is no way he can actually work a match. Plus, he’s not someone like a Paul brother.

I mean…I don’t like those guys either…but at least due to follower counts and all, those make some more sense, maybe?

Overall highlights:

I like Becky Lynch as a face…and since she came back, she was getting that response…even though WWE wanted her to be a heel.

nutshell big apple
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Tonight, with this SmackDown In A Nutshell? Becky Lynch completed the heel turn.

The New York fans gave her heat. Lynch dressed the heel part with the ridiculous fur coat and sunglasses.

It didn’t all click since SummerSlam, but it did now.

Also, enjoyed Lesnar’s return. Plenty still going on there…will Heyman screw Reigns?

Or will Reigns fire Heyman? More to come, but it should be fun.

After the final bell:

Was it a great SmackDown In A Nutshell? Maybe not great, but I think it was at least very good.

Opening segment was hot, ending segment was solid too, and some good stuff in between.

So, I’d call it a very strong SmackDown, making for a strong Nutshell.

Best part is, it was not even just The Beast taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Lesnar had help from start to finish, but it was a pretty good effort.

Soon, we will see if WWE really does run the Big Apple…

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