WWE Is Broken, And I’m Not Sure It Can Be Fixed Anymore

There is no doubt in my mind that WWE is now a broken promotion. And at this point in time, I do not believe they can come back from it.

Now more than ever, it has become clear that the WWE is a broken promotion that cannot be fixed anymore. From internal arguments to countless releases, the once wrestling giant is now a sinking ship.

There Is No Cohesion

WWE is broken and cannot be fixed
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Let’s be honest. I think cohesion is hard to be found in the locker room at the moment.

More than a 110 wrestlers have been released over the past two years. Even with the WWE’s standards that is an astronomical amount.

At this point, it is every wrestler for himself. And at the end of the day, this won’t do the product any good.

While I am not in the business of comparing promotions (because many people already do that), you can easily tell the difference when looking at different products.

You do wonder what the WWE is thinking releasing some of its biggest and best wrestlers? For now, the problem is with the main roster.

But this all changed this week with the release of Bobby Fish. Once a member of NXT’s most successful factions, now he is a free agent.

Triple H built his NXT as a serious contender for die-hard wrestling fans. But now, that is no longer the case.

NXT wrestlers either get an almost flawless reign in NXT, only to head to the main roster and be forgotten. Just think about Aleister Black, among many others.

Other NXT wrestlers never really hit off, or never get an opportunity to. In the end, they are acquired only to be released without any significant moments.

While every promotion has wrestlers that don’t make it. The percentage of wrestlers in the WWE who do not make it is staggering.

Nobody To Take Over

Drew McIntyre
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Of course, the biggest sign that the WWE is broken and cannot be fixed can be found in the next generation. Ask yourself the following question, who will be taking over the mantle from the now missing all-time greats?

The WWE failed to produce any main event stars over the past two years. True, there is Drew McIntyre, but Drew is already 36 years old.

The same applies to other stars who find themselves in their late thirties and early forties. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is little young talent I can see take up the mantle of all-time great.

While there is still talent there that could perform that role, they are far from being used to their maximum potential. Instead, they are left in catering or perform the occasional jobber role.

If I’m being honest, WWE’s product no longer surprises me. It is a chore to watch it week after week. 

What point is this wrestling entertainment company if it is no longer entertaining? And anyone with remotely interesting ideas gets shut down.

It’s a sad state of affairs indeed. The company that was once loved by many, is now being abandoned by wrestlers and wrestling fans alike. 

Still, it makes me wonder if the company is being prepped for sale. And if it is, what on earth will there be left to profit from?

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