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An elementary school in Fairfax County Virginia has come under fire for sharing and then deleting a “woke kindergarten” video on its website.

‘Woke Kindergarten’ Video

“I feel safe when there are no police,” the narrator can be heard saying in the video, which is titled, “Woke Kindergarten 60 Second Texts: Safe.” 

Check out the disturbing video for yourself below.

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School District Responds 

A spokesperson for Fairfax County Public Schools told Fox News that the video was posted to the website by mistake, and that officials removed it as soon as they were made aware of it.

However, before it was deleted, the video was included in a summer learning guide at Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences in Falls Church.

It was featured along with other materials related to critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, and news articles critical of White parents.

Along with the “Woke Kindergarten” link, there was a list of “equity resources for teachers” on the school’s website.

The “Woke Kindergarten” website pushes for an “abolitionist” form of education. 

A description on the website states, “Woke Kindergarten is a global, abolitionist early learning community, creative expanse and consultancy supporting children, families, educators and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-Black liberation.” 

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Concerned Parents Sound Off

Parents and community members from across the district saw the links before they were taken down.

Elizabeth Shultz, a former FCPS board member, wrote that “someone needs firing!”

Asra Nomani, a vice president at Parents Defending Education whose son recently graduated from the school district, said that this summer guidance may have been promoted to kids at other local schools. 

“The message that they’re trying to send to the second graders is exactly the mixed messages that adults are having to deal with, which is we feel unsafe out in the streets now because of the entire ‘defund the police’ movement that has led to less police presence,” she said.

“But now the police are being blamed for it. So it’s this contradiction that is basically very manipulative — and it’s so inappropriate for second graders to have to grapple with this,” Nomani added.

Nomani went on to say that this comes as local liberals are trying to remove police from schools. 

“It’s a very dangerous message because there was a time when you were actually taught to go to the police, if you were lost or if you felt unsafe,” she said.

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School District Orders Review

Fairfax County Public Schools has since said in a statement that a review will be taking place of materials that are posted to school websites.

“We have asked all schools to check their websites,” said the district spokesperson. “This looks to be an isolated incident.”

This comes as liberals all over the country are trying to brainwash our children and trying to turn them into “woke” radical leftists.

What happened in this Virginia school district shows once again that they will stop at nothing to make this happen. 

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