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Wicked Tuna
March 6, 2024
Charlie Griffin of “Wicked Tuna” fame was killed in a boating accident on Sunday along with his beloved dog Leila.
May 10, 2023
Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” fame is claiming that she turned down an offer to be an original co-host on “The View.”
April 28, 2023
Dog The Bounty Hunter’s family has been hit with a tragedy, as his daughter’s house has burned down, killing her six pets.
January 30, 2023
Joy Behar asked Whoopi Goldberg “why are you holding your breast?” in the latest bizarre exchange on “The View.”
Jason Aldean concert Biden chants conservative country artist
November 2, 2021
A “f*** Joe Biden” chant recently broke out at a concert of country music star Jason Aldean, who replied by saying “you said it!”
woke kindergarten
August 6, 2021
An elementary school in Virginia posted a video called “Woke Kindergarten” to its website by mistake, but it was seen before it was removed.
Aaron Lewis Bruce Springsteen new song Staind
July 7, 2021
Staind rocker turned country singer Aaron Lewis lights up liberals and Bruce Springsteen in his new song praising America and patriots.
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan James Woods Loudoun County School Board
June 10, 2021
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan got props from actor James Woods for taking the Loudoun County School Board to task on CRT.
soccer star Kiersten Hening
April 23, 2021
Kiersten Hening, a former Virginia Tech soccer star, refused to kneel before games and was subsequently berated and benched by her coach.
Whitney Cummings Roseanne Barr Trump supporters
November 18, 2020
The comedian Whitney Cummings has defied Hollywood by defending Roseanne Barr after she was “cancelled” two years ago.
Portsmouth Confederate Statue State Senator felony
August 18, 2020
Virginia Democrats and NAACP reps face felony charges for their role in toppling a Portsmouth Confederate statue that injured a man.
second amendment sanctuaries
November 22, 2019
Second Amendment Sanctuaries are popping up throughout the country as a way to protect our rights that are being infringed by federal and local governments.
joy behar blackface
February 7, 2019
The View’s Joy Behar is one of the latest liberal celebrities to have an image surface of her wearing blackface and she boasts about how she looks in it.