Hasbro David Johnson Whislteblower
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David Johnson, a whistleblower at Hasbro, recorded video of the toy company’s Critical Race Theory training. The training video was released by Project Veritas to warn parents that Hasbro is using toys to push this agenda. 

Hasbro partnered with The Conscious Kid an “organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth.”

When Johnson he learned the he was to attend mandatory training on Critical Race Theory, he decided to record it.

David Johnson is a packaging engineer for Hasbro. He also is Black. 

He risked his reputation and livelihood to make this public. It’s that important to him. 

“I felt parents really needed to know what was happening,” Johnson said.

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Indoctrination Through Toys

Toys have the ability to influence and indoctrinate a generation of children under the guise of playtime. Hasbro makes many games for children including Sorry, Operation, Chutes and Ladders and other popular games such as Operation, Connect Four, and Twister. 

Critical Race Theory is a hot button topic across the country. It’s viewed by many parents as negative and even racist by encouraging people to be treated differently based on their race.

According to Hasbro’s class, they believe children begin having racist tendencies almost immediately. The video exposes Hasbro’s teaching employees that by age three months, babies “already express preference by race.” 

The Conscious Kid co-founder Kate Ishizuka-Stephens led the radical training. She told Hasbro employees that children can have a full fledged “pro white bias” by age five.

While claiming to combat stereotypes and racism, Ishizuka-Stephens stereotyped White children. 

Hasbro David Johnson whistleblower

“By age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes, and research shows that they also may use racist language intentionally at this age. White children at this age may report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color,” she says in the recorded video. 

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“At the age of five, children show many of the same racial attitudes held by adults – children are really sensitive to the status of different racial groups in our society and show a high-status bias towards white people, which is the socially privileged group in our society,” the Conscious Kids co-founder says. “White children show pro-white bias at this age.”

The Project Veritas video exposing Hasbro’s critical race theory training is below. 

Whistleblower Suspended From Job For Exposing Hasbro

David Johnson took great risk to expose this indoctrination. Since going public, he has been suspended from his job with contractor Harvey Nash.

He also has been locked out of his Hasbro accounts.

Still, he feels it was the right thing to do as he believes critical race theory is taking us in the wrong direction. 

“CRT teaches people – and at Hasbro they wanted to teach children – to judge people based on race. And that’s not something that I feel that I think Dr. Martin Luther King would’ve supported,” the whistleblower said. 

“That’s something [King] wanted to end in this country. It’s not the correct path forward that we should be taking,” Johnson told Fox News. 

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Hasbro Pushing Critical Race Theory 

Johnson spoke with Brendon Leslie, Editor in Chief of Florida’s Conservative Voice about Hasbro and why he felt he “had” to expose the CRT training.

He says Hasbro’s “goal is to push Critical Race Theory through their products, branding, and messaging.”

Johnson says, “Critical Race Theory is neo-segregation. They want to teach children that you need to judge people based on race or gender or any other immutable characteristic first. And you should rank them based on those traits.”

When asked why he released the training video, Johnson says, “This is something bigger than me. It wasn’t something I wanted to do it was something I felt I had to do.”

Sean Hannity also interviewed David Johnson.

“We should judge people by their character and by their actions, not by how they are born,” says Johnson. 

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