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Stella Parton, the sister of Dolly Parton, is sounding off on Twitter against things like critical race theory and illegal immigration.
Teacher Cites Discrimination
A Loudon County teacher cited discrimination and how she feels devalued as a “white, Christian, able-bodied female” in a passionate speech.
woke kindergarten
August 6, 2021
An elementary school in Virginia posted a video called “Woke Kindergarten” to its website by mistake, but it was seen before it was removed.
Hasbro David Johnson Whislteblower
July 20, 2021
Hasbro insider David Johnson released a corporate Critical Race Theory training video to make parents aware of the toy company’s plans.
Colin Kaepernick kids
Colin Kaepernick and Scholastic recently announced a multi-book deal and his first book for kids is called “I Color Myself Different.”
Critical Race Theory Air Force Professor
Air Force Academy associate professor Lynne Chandler García believes Critical Race Theory should be taught at military academies.
teacher critical race theory
June 25, 2021
Iowa teacher Megan Geha’s viral videos about her activism in the classroom are shocking parents across the country.
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan James Woods Loudoun County School Board
June 10, 2021
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan got props from actor James Woods for taking the Loudoun County School Board to task on CRT.
Jessica Bridges White Spanish Teacher
June 3, 2021
Jessica Bridges believes she is going to be “dismantling white supremacy in society” by not teaching Spanish to her K-12 students.
Chip and Joanna Gaines donation
Chip and Joanna Gaines face accusations of racism after the media reported they donated to his sister’s campaign for school board.
John Cooper
John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, warns that the “woke” left is causing a divide among Christians about critical race theory and BLM.
critical race theory speech loudoun county school board
May 12, 2021
Watch a Loudoun County mom hammer away at the destructiveness of critical race theory at a school board meeting.