Cash Wheeler Injury Dynamite
Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

During a tag match on Dynamite, FTR’s Cash Wheeler suffered a terrible arm injury. More details on this, below.

Cash Wheeler Suffers Horrid Injury On Dynamite

The Proud N’ Powerful battled the FTR this week. Cash Wheeler suffered a gruesome injury to his arm.

It seemingly occurred when FTR tried a Superplex/Splash. See tweet below.

Wheeler was the one who attempted the Splash. Santana broke the spot up by sending Cash over the top, to the floor.

The bout abruptly ended some minutes later. Dax Harwood, Wheeler’s partner, was pinned after a Brainbuster.

Medic Team Surrounded Cash Wheeler After Injury On Dynamite

After the three-count, Harwood went to check on Cash. The AEW medic team had surrounded him.

Wheeler was bleeding above his elbow. Those in attendance saw Wheeler get his arm stuck in the ring post’s metal plate.

This essentially caused the injury and the gruesome bleeding. The scenario looks and sounds quite painful.


There’s no indication on whether Cash will be out of action. According to PW Insider, Wheeler will be okay, but they did not provide a timeline around recovery. 

Here’s hoping that Wheeler heels quickly. Speaking of AEW, there seemed to be a bit of a tease around CM Punk during a recent announcement.

AEW References CM Punk

There have been quite a few reports indicating that CM Punk is headed to All Elite Wrestling. As fans wait on the edge of their seats, the company is seemingly already referencing the talent in announcements.

Cash Wheeler Injury Dynamite

Source: Pro Wrestling Finesse, Twitter, Screenshot

On Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen, Tony Schiavone announced some upcoming events. AEW is set for Chicago’s United Center on Friday, August 20th.

This is for AEW Rampage: First Dance. Tickets are on sale this Monday, August 2nd.

CM Punk Chants

After the announcement, the crowd started chanting “CM Punk”. Makes sense since that’s Punk’s hometown.

The company filed for a trademark for “The First Dance”. This is a play on words from Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” documentary during his time with the 1990 Bulls basketball team.

To thicken the plot, Punk hit Instagram and posted the Alan Parsons Project song “Sirius”. This also happens to be the entrance theme song for the 90’s Bulls.

There has been a buzz of speculation around, “The First Dance” trademark. Many think it’s for Punk.

All the pieces in this puzzle seem to fit. There is a lot of teasing around this.

AEW is holding three Chicago shows in September. All three events are taking place at the NOW Arena.

September 1 is Dynamite, while September 3 is Rampage, and September 5 is All Out. After the announcement, Darby Allin interview raised some eyebrows with an interesting reference.

He said that he’s hung around many who say they are the “greatest ever” in wrestling. Allin also stated that the sole place to prove this is AEW, even if you think you are the “best in the world.”

This was CM Punk’s tagline. Therefore, just another tease that Punk is soon to be All Elite.