Britt Baker Adam Cole
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Could Adam Cole leave the WWE and head to AEW? His girlfriend, Britt Baker, recently chimed in on the idea of her boyfriend heading to the promotion she currently resides in.

Britt Baker On Adam Cole & AEW

Britt Baker, AEW Women’s World Champion spoke with Matty Paddock of the UK Daily Star recently. She talked about her boyfriend Adam Cole potentially heading to AEW.

According to Wrestling Inc., Cole’s WWE NXT contract is set to expire after SummerSlam. Britt chatted with the Daily Star before the news got out about Cole and his status with the WWE.

She noted that Cole was happy where he was. Still, she also stated that she wouldn’t be the only driving factor pushing him towards AEW.

She revealed that any number of wrestlers or staff members would make Adam want to join the company. There are a few. 
As she puts it, Cole has a “hold down” on Tuesday nights and she “holds down” Wednesday nights. She finds it “funny” when fans say Adam should head to AEW because she’s there.

During the interview, she also reveals that other AEW talents play a bigger role in the company for him to potentially jump. Like Kenny (Omega) and the Young Bucks.

Baker also states that it would be “awesome” if he joined AEW. However, if he stays in the WWE she’d be happy for him too.

She made it clear that she just wants him to be happy. At the end of the day, this is what matters most.

Britt Baker and Adam Cole Are Supportive Of Each Other

She reveals that wrestling is such a big part of their lives, even at home. Britt notes a time when she was out to dinner with Rebel and Tony Schivone, while also watching The Great American Bash on her phone.

This was to ensure she didn’t miss Adam’s main event match. Baker states that she doesn’t miss anything of his, and vice versa.

She finishes the interview off by saying it doesn’t matter where he works. They will always be supportive of each other.

Over at the WWE, the company has a ton of second-generation talent. Wrestling runs through their blood.

Seems like the company has its eye on yet another superstar who is from a wrestling family. Details below.

WWE Eyes 2nd Generation Wrestler

Wrestler Steve Corino has a son. His name is Colby, and he’s an up-and-coming superstar.

The two have a match set later this month. The date for this is August 27th.

Britt Baker Adam Cole

Source: @TipWShow, Twitter, Screenshot

This will be a one-time thing for the father, 48 years of age. Meanwhile, his son is just getting started.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentions this match in a recent edition. It notes that the young Corino is on the radar for WWE.

Colby Corino Trying To Break Through

At the age of 25, Colby Corino is trying to break out into the wrestling industry. There’s a good chance fans could see him in the WWE at some point.

Could he score a contract with the company? Only time will tell.