Eva Marie WWE Request
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An absurd request by Eva Marie would see her mange one of the top WWE superstars in Brock Lesnar. Also, Britt Baker is getting huge props from those backstage in AEW.

Eva Marie & Her Absurd WWE Request

We are closing in on 16 months since Brock Lesnar was spotted on WWE TV.  But, during that time, fans were treated to the return of the always popular Eva Marie.

Last time Lesnar was spotted, he had Paul Heyman by his side. That comes as no shock as those two have worked together for 15 years.

Although, Heyman has been spending the last year with Roman Reigns. Therefore, it leads to the question what side will Heyman select when both superstars are on TV again.

While speaking to WWE Kids UK Magazine, Marie offered her service. She believes she could handle “The Beast.”

“If I could bring anyone into my Eva-lution,” said Marie. “Why not Brock Lesnar?”

First things first. Lesnar only needs someone to be his advocate and speak as he can handle the wrestling aspect.

There is no word on when Lesnar will be back, but it could be in the works for SummerSlam. With fans back, for now, WWE can use this moment to get a big reactions and ratings from Lesnar returning. 

Last anyone heard, Lesnar had not re-signed with WWE. No word if AEW or UFC are open to making an offer.

Eva is currently busy with Alexa Bliss. And, when dealing with Bliss, you know things are going to get twisted for her opponents.

AEW Star Gets Major Praise

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When AEW first started, they had plenty of talent. They had known names from other promotions, some familiar faces and new wrestlers.

Britt Baker was the first female signed to AEW and some fans knew her. She has only been wrestling about five years, so she is still new to the business.

She debuted as a face, but eventually turned heel. That, is when she found the most success.

Currently, she is the AEW Women’s Champion. And, the trip to winning the title and defending it has not been easy.

Therefore, according to Fightful Select, she has been receiving big praise from those backstage at AEW.

Her rise began after being injured by Nyla Rose and being out for over six months. During that time, she honed her skills as a heel.

Baker returned and worked a program with Thunder Rosa, resulting in a critically acclaimed Lights Out Match. Then, she followed that by winning the gold.

She finally defeated Rose a few ago. But, in the process, suffered another injury.

The wrist injury will not prevent the real-life dentist from competing. She was even in the main event of the first episode of AEW Rampage.

When it comes to the women’s division, Baker is the top star and one of the most promising names on the AEW roster.

And, if her boyfriend, Adam Cole, decides not to re-sign with WWE, AEW would make for an easy transition. Right now, Baker is on top of the women’s wrestling industry.