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Now that Kane is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, he is starting to think retirement may have already arrived. Also, Paul Heyman said Roman Reigns was not ready to be a WWE heel a year ago.

Kane – Retirement

Few wrestlers make it past a few years in WWE, let alone a decade. Then, there is someone like Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) who has bee around for 20 plus years.

Over the years, Kane’s appearances have dwindled. Since he became the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, he has been forced to switch from wrestler to political figure. 

For a return inside the ring, Kane seems to think those days are over.

“You never say never in WWE,” said Kane to Fox Sports. “But, at the same point in time, I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m comfortable not being in the wrestling ring.” 

“It’s hard work. I’ve also gotten to the age where a lot of times I’m like, ‘Man, that looks like it hurts!’” 

“I used to be, ‘Man, I wish I could be out there doing that!’ Now I’m kinda like, ‘Oooh golly. Those guys are a lot tougher than I am now.’”

“Nevertheless, if the opportunity arises … well, you know, we’ll see.”

We will have to see what is left for Kane. He could always be used for random appearances to get a quick pop, but his prime days are over. 

But, do keep an eye out for him at Survivor Series. Undertaker is having his farewell that evening and Kane deserves to make the list. 

Paul Heyman On Delaying Roman Reigns Heel Turn

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Roman Reigns left WWE because of COVID-19 concerns and surprised many when he returned during SummerSlam. The biggest shock was still to come as he turned heel and aligned with Paul Heyman days later.

The decision to turn Reigns heel was something fans wanted for years. So much, they turned on super face Reigns whenever possible.

Reigns was not alone in his request. According to Heyman, Vince MacMahon also wanted to make the switched, but the timing was never right.

Heyman Being Critical 

“Roman Reigns could not pull off this portrayal of the top star in the industry even a year ago,” said Heyman on the Sports Illustrated’s Media Podcast. He wasn’t weathered enough, he wasn’t seasoned enough, and he wasn’t experienced enough. He still looked too young.”

“But now, you look at his face, you see some seasoning and some weathering. He was beating the crap out of his cousin inside Hell in a Cell and he says I did this to you when we were kids, and here we are 35 years old doing this, and he looks 35. He looks like a bada— 35, but he still looks 35.” 

“Before he still looked like late 20s or early 30s, and he still looked too young. He wasn’t grizzled, he didn’t have any scars.” 

“Now, you see the wars on his face. Now, you see the pressure and the obligation and the responsibility and the accountability and the sheer burden – I think that’s the core word when it comes to the characterization of the top star in WWE – the burden and the weight of that burden and what it has done to Roman Reigns.”

Currently, Reigns is the top heel on SmackDown and probably WWE. The more aggressive side has shown how dangerous Reigns can be when he is not showing remorse.

Just ask Jey Uso if Reigns is a new man after the beating he took at Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell.

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