Tony Khan Promises Great Things For AEW Rampage
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AEW Rampage will have its first edition tomorrow. And Tony Khan has certainly pulled out all the stops to promote the event.

What Is AEW Rampage?

AEW Rampage will be great according to Tony Khan

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For those of you who are catching up this week, let us give you the lowdown on AEW Rampage. 

According to Tony Khan, AEW Rampage is far from a B-show. In fact, he states it will be just as good as AEW Dynamite.

And it seems that Tony Khan was not lying. After all, it was just revealed that the first match on AEW Rampage will be for the Impact Wrestling Championship.

The match will take place between Kenny Omega and Christian. Considering how well Christian has been doing lately, he was the obvious choice.

If Christian were to win, then he could effectively end the reign of the Belt Collector. It is certainly something to tune in for.

In other words, Rampage could be exactly like Dynamite. While the flagship remains Dynamite, Rampage will be equal to it.

So, Dynamite and Rampage are not the same as RAW is to SmackDown. Instead, they are meant to be equal and I could not be more excited.

Tony Khan Very Excited About AEW Rampage

Malakai Black

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Tony Khan is definitely excited about the new show being launched. In fact, he already revealed that the network is also happy with Rampage.

 “TNT is so happy with how Rampage is tracking already. I think they think it’s going to be a huge hit. There’s definitely a lot of interest and we owe the people at TNT. They could not have rolled out the red carpet any more for us. They have so much in terms of promoting the show. There’s been ads all over the place. I watched Seinfeld on TBS last night when I checked into the hotel in Pittsburgh. Every time it went to break, there were Rampage commercials, which is great.”

Khan also revealed the role of his other shows Elevation and Dark.

“So it’s on all kinds of shows, including other wrestling shows. And I really, really am happy that they’re promoting it… Really, I think with two shows it’s going to provide more opportunities, more upward mobility. But it’s still going to be a star driven show, Rampage, just like Dynamite is a star driven show. And I think what Elevation and Dark have given us the ability to do is develop stars and get them TV ready. Now there’s more TV real estate for everyone to work towards getting in there and fighting for.”

Big Names On The Horizon 

Tony Khan AEW Rampage

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AEW’s management has done an excellent job in garnering interesting in their new show. To help them achieve this, they promised a stacked card tomorrow as well as their second episode.

One of the ways they added interest for their second show is the potential of CM Punk in Chicago. This second episode of AEW Rampage is set to take place next week.

And what better place to hold it than Punk’s home base? 

Of course, there is a lot of mythology surrounding CM Punk. After all, he did not leave the WWE on the best terms.

Since then, the wrestler has enjoyed a huge fan following. Many of those fans would pay good money to see CM Punk in the ring again.

Of course, Punk’s appearance in Chicago is very much a rumor at this point. But a strong rumor nonetheless. 

The same could be said about Daniel Bryan, who has been rumored to join AEW shortly. Either way, it will be an interesting couple of weeks for the brand to say the least. 

First Episode of Rampage

Britt Baker

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The first episode of AEW Rampage will last for approximately one hour. Its debut episode takes place tomorrow on Friday August 13th.

Fans in the States can also get access to the show easily by getting the AEW Plus package. The good news is it only costs $4.99 a month, which is loads cheaper than the WWE Network.

Anyone in the United States can tune in for the first show at 10pm ET on TNT. For fans in the United Kingdom, Rampage will be available on FITE at 3am in the morning. 

The first episode of Rampage is scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh. Since this is the homebase of Britt Baker, the champion will take on Red Velvet.

Fans can also expect a top notch commentary team for Rampage. This new commentary team will include fan favorites Chris Jericho, Taz, Excalibur, and Mark Henry.

It is unlikely that CM Punk will make an appearance during the first night. While Tony Khan hinted CM Punk might appear during AEW Rampage, he is more likely to appear during their Chicago show.

Still, there is plenty to look forward to for the first episode too. Not only can we see Kenny versus Christian, we also get Miro defending his title. 

Will Rampage Be Any Different From Dynamite?

Kenny Omega

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Since AEW is planning two flagship shows, fans are wondering what to expect from this latest addition. Unfortunately, at this point we can only take a guess.

Cody Rhodes did give us a little taster of what to expect during a recent interview.

“With Rampage, we’re gonna have a bunch of news, hopefully coming in the following week. But I can say just a few things about the show itself. One, I think you’ll see that it’s more centered around the match itself. Being that it’s a one-hour program. I think you’ll see a little bit more fight-forward focus.”

Another possibility is that Rampage could get its own set of dedicated wrestlers who rule the brand. Pretty much in the same way as Dynamite has the Inner Circle and The Elite.

Finally, one of the things I hope for is a stronger women’s division. If anything, Rampage could become a bigger platform for the women’s division to grow and thrive.

Either way, I cannot wait to see what the All Elite team will bring us these coming weeks. 

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