major natalya health update
source: custom, Natalya twitter screenshot

After sustaining an undisclosed injury on RAW, we have a major Natalya health update. Plus, is WWE possibly eyeing AEW talent?

Major Natalya Health Update

If you caught RAW, you saw Natalya getting helped to the back after suffering an injury. Now, we have a major Natalya health update.

While the news was covered by numerous outlets, perhaps the best source is the Superstar herself.

Without divulging specific details of the injury, Natalya provided a health update.

major natalya health update

source: custom, Natalya twitter screenshot

Following tests on her injured ankle, one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions visited the offices of Dr. James Andrews.

Here’s some good news and some bad news, giving us that major Natalya health update.

The good news? She had surgery and should be fine in short order.

Bad news is, she will miss a few weeks, if all goes well.

That is the major catch, of course. We all know that with injuries and recovery, things don’t always go to plan.

Right now, everyone is aiming for things to go according to plan. With that in mind, there are no current plans to strip Natalya and Tamina of their belts.

This situation is worth watching, of course. Should complications arise and the recovery time takes longer, it is possible that we could see the two women drop the belts.

For now, however, that is not in the plans.

Is WWE Eying AEW Talent?

We are so used to seeing AEW grab WWE talent…but is WWE eying AEW talent?

Signs point to…yes.

Honestly, this tidbit should not truly be a shock…even if Vince McMahon continues to downplay the competition.

According to a report via the Mat Men Podcast, WWE is indeed eying some AEW talents.

wwe eying aew talent

source: custom, wrestlepurists twitter screenshot

No, we aren’t talking about looking at certain recent and former WWE talent, wishing they hadn’t gotten away.

It’s possible WWE has regrets about certain departures, but this is not the time or place for that.

Instead, the company is being smart about things.

As with any other major sports or entertainment effort…you tend to know, or have a general idea, when contracts expire.

In this specific instance, WWE may be focusing on some of the earliest signings AEW ever made.

With the company approaching it’s 3 year anniversary (Holy cow time flies!), and some of AEW’s first wave on three year contracts…some current AEW stars might be about to become free agents.

So, do we know who?

The podcast only called out one star by name.

In that, there seems to be a decent level of interest in one Brian Pillman, Jr.

Clearly, he has talent…the bloodline doesn’t hurt either.

There was no mention of anyone else thus far being eyed by WWE. However, it also isn’t that challenging to see who has been with the company since inception…

And from there, decide if you (WWE) has interest…and if the star does to.

Will be a different perspective after all the other names-rumored and announced-heading from WWE to AEW.

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