America's Got Talent dance team
Source: Screenshots via America's Got Talent YouTube Channel

“America’s Got Talent” fans witnessed a jaw dropping and creepy dance they will likely never forget. Even the judges were speechless and shocked before rising to their feet to applaud.

Husband and wife dance team Pasha and Aliona were supposed to perform together on “America’s Got Talent.” But, Pasha claimed his wife missed her flight while visiting her mother. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity so he decided to go it alone.

Expecting A Flop From Dance

“I’m in a real jam and I’m trying to figure out what to do. … We’re supposed to dance a new number,” Pasha told the AGT judges. “I am very worried. … If you could give me an opportunity, hopefully I could make it work.”

The judges were expecting a big flop of a performance. After all, how could a dancing duo compete without its other half. 

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Howie Mandel wished Pasha luck saying, “This is the ultimate ‘the show must go on!’”

The crowd clearly was bracing for a stinker of a routine.

This expectation was bolstered when Terry Crews wheeled out two robotic looking life-sized doll dancers on a dolly. They looked like animated dolls from a Disney World ride. Crews dumped them on the stage.

Then, things got real.

It quickly appeared this dance team was going to be nightmare fuel. 

The “America’s Got Talent” judges’ faces told the tale of how this dance went from strange to even stranger before transforming into something completely magnificent.

It’s a completely head-scratching performance by a dancing illusionist that you will need to watch a few times to figure out it.

Judge Sofia Vergara jumped to her feet saying, “I love it! That was so surprising! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life!”

Heidi Klum joined in, “It was… weird,” to which Pasha responded with a smile, “I know.”

Take a look: 

Pasha And Aliona

That’s certainly not something you see everyday! It was a completely amazing performance. 

Aliona does actually exist and she is married to Pasha.

Together, they are an adagio team based out of Branson, Missouri. They are dancers, acrobats, and illusionists.

Pasha showed the “America’s Got Talent” judges that he is a world clarion acrobatic puppeteer. 

Even Simon Cowell was impressed with the performance saying, “You got us, didn’t you? We were all thinking, ‘This is going to be terrible,’ but actually, it was great! It was a great surprise.,” He told Pasha. “We love to be surprised, and that’s what you just did. And that’s why you’ve got four yeses.”

However, Howie Mandel noted, “If people just tuned in, you’re gonna freak a lot of little children out!”

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All four “America’s Got Talent” judges said yes to this memorable dance performance so Pasha will be back.

However, what we don’t know is if Aliona will be with him. It’ll be hard to top this routine!

The auditions stage for this season of “America’s Got Talent” is over and fans will have to wait a few weeks before finding out what happens in the next round of competition. AGT is taking a break Olympics programming is shown on NBC primetime. The show will return to Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET in about three weeks.

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