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Nightbirde captured the heart of the country on “America’s Got Talent” when she told her story and sang an original song on the show’s 16th season. This superstar with the most positive personality is also a devout Christian and former worship leader.

Known to be a fairly harsh critic on America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell called her voice “absolutely stunning” and awarded her the Golden Buzzer. He even hugged her after her performance.

“Everything about that was really special,” Simon told the artist, as gold confetti blanketed the set of AGT.

Nightbirde Performs Original Song

Nightbirde’s, Jane Marczewski, performance of her original song “It’s Ok” got plenty of applause.

Not only does she has the voice of an angel, but she also has the heart of one.

While many people battling cancer get defeated or overwhelmed Jane, who performs as Nightbirde, does not.

Her song comes from a place of deep faith. The Zanesville, Ohio native attended Christian school and even graduated from Liberty University.

She doesn’t shy from her faith. Rather, it’s spread across her social media. She credits it with healing her emotionally.

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Battling Cancer For The Third Time

Nightbirde is only 30 years old and she’s battling cancer for the third time. In 2019, she was actually diagnosed with terminal cancer. She described it, “innumerable tumors were found throughout my lungs, liver, lymph nodes, ribs and spine.”

She was even given only a two percent chance to survive.

Yet, here she still is. She is still fighting but she is also thriving and performing.

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy,” she told the AGT audience.

“God didn’t cause this cancer. The enemy causes cancer and the fallen world that we live in causes cancer,” Nightbirde said in a podcast.

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Jane hasn’t just been battling cancer, she also battled heartbreak. She was married in 2015, but after being diagnosed with cancer in 2020, her husband left her.

She left her home and went to California for treatment and to continue singing.

Nightbirde beat cancer only to have it return.

As you can hear in Nightbirde’s Instagram clip below, she says, “it’s unbelievable how tied together my spiritual and emotional healing were.” 

She put her faith in God for her healing.


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Nightbirde’s “Miracle After Miracle” 

“I believe that God can heal in one instant. I also believe that ‘no good thing does he withhold,’ so there was something God was growing in the field that is me, and if God had pulled up all of this hardship too soon, it would have also pulled up all these miracles he did in my spirit.”

She sees God working through her. And, she shared an update on her health after the show aired.

While she still has cancer, she is feeling better now than she was when the episode was taped. 

“Physically, I’m doing really well,” Nightbirde told

“Again, for me it’s just like miracle after miracle after miracle. I just finished up some treatments a week ago and the doctors are anticipating that it’s going to take care of everything that was left over. We won’t be able to test — it’s too early to really check. It’ll be a few more months until we can go back in and see what’s going on. But I’m expecting good news, I really am.”

You can watch Nightbirde’s “America’s Got Talent” performance of “It’s Ok” in the video below. 

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