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The Rock At Survivor Series, WWE Preps For Queen Of The Ring

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Sounds like fans will at this year's Survivor Series! Plus, WWE is prepping for a Queen of the Ring.

Who else would LOVE to see The Rock in a ring sometime soon? Your wish is the WWE’s command, as Dwayne Johnson is expected for the 2021 WWE Survivor Series!

The Rock Expected At Survivor Series

The WWE Universe hasn’t seen The Rock wrestle since WrestleMania 32. However, it seems as if that is all about to change.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson isn’t only a wrestling legend. He also happens to be a Hollywood megastar.

This means that jumping into the squared circle creates a risk for injury. It’s hard for him to do so as he has so many other commitments at hand.

During his WM 32 championship bout against John Cena, Rock sustained an injury. This proved to be a hassle considering his busy schedule.

That injury created a delay in filming for the Hercules movie. He hasn’t had a WWE match, since.

WWE Expected To Include The Rock At The 2021 Survivor Series

Mat Men Pro Wrestling’s Andrew Zarian recently revealed some major news. Seems as if the WWE has arranged for The Rock to come back … home.

The 2021 Survivor Series is taking place in Brooklyn at Barclays Center. Sounds like there will be an electrifying highlight to it all.

They need to fill those seats. As such, the WWE is bringing back a major name.

Zarian noted that The Rock is expected for the big November event. He stated that he felt “confident” in the plan to bring Johnson back.

It’s no secret that The Rock loves performing in front of the WWE Universe. Now, somehow, he’ll be given that opportunity.

No news about his possible schedule with the WWE. Will it be a nice and long run or a one-time pay-per-view thing?

There was also no added information on a possible program. Will it is a one-on-one match, or will The Rock lead a Survivor Series team?

It’s hard to speculate on. However, regardless, it’ll be great to see the Great One back in the ring.

The evolution of women’s wrestling has been significant over the years. While there is so much they’ve accomplished, one thing remains absent.

WWE Preps For Queen Of The Ring

King of the Ring tournaments have been prevalent in the WWE for some time now. How about a Queen of the Ring?

The Rock Survivor Series
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Howe4ver, there is good news for women’s wrestling fans. A report has surfaced that the WWE is preparing for a Queen of the Ring tourney.

As per Wrestling Inc., the company has something in the works. A Queen of the Ring will be crowned, later this year.

Who Could Win?

Wrestling Inc. offered up the news, via Twitter. See below tweet.

There’s not much more information on this just yet. Fans need to expect something to go down the pipe in the latter months of 2021.

Could Charlotte Flair be a “shoo-in” for this? She is known as “The Queen”!

Still, Flair has accomplished a lot during her career. Perhaps it’s time for someone else to shine in this first-ever Queen of the Ring tournament.

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