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A mural that was inspired by LeBron James’ new Space Jam: A New Legacy movie was defaced early Monday morning in Akron, Ohio. 

LeBron James Mural Defaced

USA Today reported that someone painted a red clown nose on James’ face in the mural.

The perpetrator also spray-painted the words “LA FLOP” on it, likely a reference to James infamous flops on the court. Or, it could be because his movie isn’t faring too well.

Here’s a short compilation of LeBron James’ court flops.

Akron is James’ hometown. The mural was put up near his alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and the I Promise School he helped found for at-risk children in the community.

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Mural Artist Speaks Out

The mural was created by artist Chardae Slater, a Kent State University student who wanted to both celebrate James and have some fun with the Looney Tune characters from his new movie Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Slater told The Akron Beacon Journal that she’s sad right now because the vandalization was born out of hate, but that she’s also trying to “keep positive.”

Slater believes it will take about two weeks for her to fix the mural since the vandal used spray paint.

The artist decided to make the mural after learning there wasn’t one of LeBron James up already in the city. 

“All the kids love it, and that’s what really matters,” she recently said of the mural. 

While many are fans of James, quite a few Ohioans have never forgiven him for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami, only to return and then leave again for the Lakers. There’s definitely a love/hate relationship with LeBron James with some former fans holding a grudge against him.

Perhaps it was one of these disgruntled fans who defaced the mural. No one has been apprehended yet for the vandalism.

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Original Space Jam Director Trashes Sequel

This is just the latest piece of bad news for James, whose Space Jam movie has been widely panned by critics.

Even Joe Pytka, who directed the original Space Jam movie, has spoken out against James’ new sequel. Pytka told TMZ that while James is a good athlete and a decent actor, he can’t compare to Michael Jordan, who starred in the original movie.

“The truth is that LeBron ain’t Michael,” Pytka said bluntly. 

Pytka went on to say that while he feels no bitterness about Space Jam: A New Legacy, he simply does not think that it is a very good movie.

Whoever defaced James’ mural in Ohio would probably agree with him! 

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