George Floyd mural
Source: George Floyd mural screenshots via YouTube

A George Floyd mural in Toledo, Ohio came crashing down after being struck by lightning. 

The tribute to Floyd was on the side of the building that formerly housed Mugshots bar. It was painted with bright colors and included his image with a crown above his head. At approximately 4:30 pm on Tuesday, July 13, witnesses claim lightening struck the mural leading the bricks to come tumbling down.

Radar Confirmed Lightning Strike

While some were claiming foul play, Doppler Radar confirmed a lightning strike in the same block at the suspected time. 

The mural was painted on the side of an aging building.

The bricks were apparently bowing in an arch and could not withstand the lightning strike. The building itself is structurally sound according to a Toledo Building Inspector, but the exterior bricks wall of the building was not.

That is was where artist David Ross decided to paint the George Floyd mural called “Take a Breath” in July 2020. 

Toledo Promises To Build New George Floyd Mural

A City of Toledo spokesperson said they will work on plans for a new mural. 

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Toledo police set up tape to section off the bricks that had fallen. The owner of the building was also seen cleaning up the bricks and pulling down the remainder of the George Floyd mural that remained intact.

Floyd’s death prompted Black Lives Matter protests across the country and included riots in multiple cities.

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder in the case.

Not only were police stations and cars targeted during the riots, but many privately owned buildings were torched and looted by people claiming to be honoring and fighting for justice for George Floyd. 

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While Black Lives Matter supporters were lamenting the demise of the mural, others had a different point of view.

Some wondered if this was a biblical sign since George Floyd’s face was taken down.

There is no word yet on where the new mural will be located.

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You can see the destruction in the video below.

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