Cop Who Was Fired For Mocking LeBron James Triumphs Over Cancel Culture

Nate Silvester, the Idaho cop, who was fired for his viral video mocking LeBron James gets offered a new job in Arizona while on live TV.

Idaho Police Officer Nate Silvester lost his job because of his viral video mocking LeBron James when James was threatening an Ohio cop on Twitter. But, Silvester ended up getting revenge on cancel culture. 

After Ma’Khia Bryant was killed by a Columbus Police Officer as she attempted to stab another teen, LeBron inserted himself without knowledge of the situation.

James drew criticism from the Fraternal Order of Police for doxxing a police officer for saving a child’s life.

TikTok Video Mocking LeBron James

Silvester joined the FOP with a post of his own mocking LeBron.

He pretended to be asking LeBron permission for police to react to violent crimes. His TikTok video took off fast.

He was a viral sensation but had some big repercussions to pay for it.

First, Nate Silvester was suspended. Then, a GoFundMe raised over a half million dollars. However, the embattled cop wanted the funds to be shared with The First Responders Children’s Foundation to help the families of fallen officers. But, his job still was not safe.

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He was fired from his job of protecting the community. Silvester reports leadership in Bellevue, Idaho is liberal. And, he was exposed as a conservative. That helped lead to his expulsion from the force.

Job Offer In Arizona

But, that’s not where they story ends.

Silvester appeared on Newsmax and got a life-changing surprise from a Sheriff in another state.

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb smiled as Silvester recounted his story on national news. But, that grin wasn’t malicious. He had something up his sleeve.

“I’m not smiling because you got let go, Nate. I’m smiling because that was a classic TikTok video,” Sheriff Lamb said. “And Nate was speaking truth. Too many agencies across this country are afraid of the cancel culture. They’re afraid to let their people speak truth. We respect the First Amendment, even with our employees. All we ask is that they don’t do anything to disparage the badge or anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.”

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Nate Silvester was offered an opportunity in Arizona.

“We’re hiring Nate. Come on down,” the Sheriff said. “We respect police in Arizona, especially in Pinal County, we’re always looking for guys who aren’t afraid to do their jobs.”

Cancel culture doesn’t reign supreme in Pinal County. The red carpet was rolled out for Silvester.

You can watch that Newsmax segment in the video below.

We wish Nate Silvester well in whatever he chooses to do next!

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