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Outspoken conservative country music star John Rich recently called out his fellow right-leaning artists for being too afraid to stand up for their politic views as “cancel culture” takes hold in Nashville. Rich also highlighted a growing disconnect between country music’s conservative fan base and the liberals who now dominate the industry.

John Rich Says Modern Country Music Industry Is Run By Liberals

MEAWW reported that one-half of the Grammy-winning country duo “Big & Rich” recently dished on the disconnect between the country music industry and its fans.

Rich says that while most country music fans are conservatives, those who actually run the industry are mostly liberal. He says its this conflict that leaves conservative leaning country artists in a difficult situation.

“The industry of country [music] is, I would say, I can’t give you a percentage but let’s just say the majority is very liberal,” Rich said. “They’ve been that way for a long time. It’s interesting that the industry that puts out country music doesn’t really align with a lot of the audience.”

“A lot of folks that listen to country [music], and again I can’t give you a percentage but I can tell you a majority of the audience probably leans conservative,” he continued. “So you’ve got this gulf, kind of, between the two.” 

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Rich went on to say that he has seen things change in the industry to swing even further left over the past few months.

“Over the years, the industry has never really come out really strongly about their liberal edge that they’ve got until recently, maybe in the past six to 12 months,” he said. “They’ve started coming out more and more and the problem you get is if you’ve got artists that are conservative but their record label, their publicist, their manager, a lot of the radio stations are being overseen by liberals.” 

Conservative Country Artists Terrified By ‘Threat Of Cancellation’

There seems to be a generational line in country music.

Popular 90’s artists like Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, and Trace Adkins have all been vocal about their concerns with the direction of today’s Democrat party.

Country legend Charlie Daniels was of course one of the biggest proponents of conservative politics.

But today’s country stars face higher stakes. Rich says that modern country artists risk their music not getting played if they publicly own their conservative views.

“We used to be able to make music and get it played and still say what we wanted to say and still get our music played but that’s not really the case now,” he said.

Rich then added that conservatives in country music don’t speak out because “they still want to get their records played and they still want to be invited to the award show and get the big tours and those kinds of things so is it cancel culture?”

“No, because they’re not even stepping forward to be canceled,” he answered. “So it’s actually a step deeper than cancel — it’s the threat of cancellation that keeps them from saying anything in the first place.” 

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Liberals ‘Bolstered’ By What Happened To Trump On Social Media

Over the past year, Rich said leftists have only been “bolstered” because “they’ve seen everybody from Donald Trump on down kicked off of social media.”

“They see that the powers that be in tech and in media are on the left, so they’ve got them on their side, so that emboldens them to step forward and go, ‘Well, there’s really nothing anybody can do about it so, we’re just going to step on out here and just do it. We’re just going to make our purpose be the fact and this is going to play out like we want it to play out, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because we’ve got all then power on our side,'” he lamented.

“And guess what? They do have that power on their side.”

You know the political spectrum in America has shifted when even the country music world has been overrun by liberals.

I applaud John Rich for being one of the few conservative celebrities who has the guts to actually speak out about this. 

This video clip from John Rich’s Redneck Riviera sums it up best – “USA! USA! USA!”

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