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Liberals attempted to humiliate country music star Travis Tritt on Twitter after he teamed up with James Woods to take on the left. But the Georgia native didn’t take their feeble attempt at shaming him sitting down. 

Travis Tritt Exposes Hateful Liberals

The Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter took to Twitter on Monday to expose hateful liberals for trying to embarrass him by spreading a doctored photo of him on social media. 

“Just for clarification, more proof of the dishonesty of the left,” Tritt wrote. “Here is the original photo of me next to the doctored version that is being circulated by the left in an attempt to try to humiliate me. Exposing these frauds for the liars they are is so easy.”

Travis Tritt And James Woods Block People On Twitter

Travis Tritt found himself being targeted by leftists after he teamed up with James Woods over the weekend to purge radical liberals from his social media.

It all started when Woods took to Twitter on Saturday night to urge his followers to block leftists who put the word “resist” in their profiles on the social media site. 

“Reminder: block any twenty accounts a day that have the hashtag ‘resist’ in their profile,” Woods wrote. “It slows them down and offsets Twitter’s shadow-banning of conservative accounts.”

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Travis Tritt liked James Woods’ plan so much that he decided to promote it on his own Twitter page as well.

“Per my friend @RealJamesWoods, type #resist in your Twitter search bar,” he wrote. “Block at least twenty of these accounts per day. We will soon make them as irrelevant as they have tried to make the rest of us.”

In fact, the multi-platinum recording artist revealed that he’d already been doing this for months. The country artist’s reason?

“One thing that #resisters hate the most is to be ignored,” Tritt wrote.

This last point was quickly proven when liberals became “triggered” by Tritt’s decision to block them.

The liberals didn’t understand that by firing back and attempting to humiliate him, they were actually proving Tritt’s point that. Nothing gets them more angry than being “ignored.”

You’ve got to love the irony here.

Liberals Lash Out After Travis Tritt Blocks Them On Twitter

“Travis Tritt has blocked me and this is only the second time I’ve thought about him,” tweeted actor Michael McKean, who is best known for appearing on “Better Call Saul.”

Then journalists joined McKean in checking to see if they made Tritt’s block list.

“I just found out Travis Tritt blocked me and I got so mad that I Googled who he was, went to the local flea market, bought his latest cassette, and threw it in the trash,” added journalist Tony Posnanski.

“So James Wood, Travis Tritt, and a bunch of other wilted asparagus stalks are blocking radical leftists,” tweeted journalist Imani Gandy. “I guess cancel culture is cool when washed up white dudes do it.”

They say they don’t care but yet all three took the time to check? I’m not buying it.

Tritt was, of course, totally unphased by the actor and journalists slinging mud.

‘Here’s A Quarter’

So 57-year-old Tritt doubled down on his decision to block Twitter trolls.

“If you’re like me, I get sick and tired of arguing with sheeple who automatically subscribe to any fake news story from anonymous sources without researching anything on their own,” he tweeted. “It is an exercise in futility.”

Woods is one of the few in Hollywood brave enough to speak out about his conservative views.

So we’re glad to see Travis Tritt join him in sharing his conservative views on Twitter. 

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My money in on Travis Tritt continuing to stand strong in the face of backlash from “triggered” liberal snowflakes. 

I suspect his 1991 Grammy-award nominated song sums up his thoughts perfectly, ” Yeah, here’s a quarter, call someone who cares”.

Enjoy this throwback tune in the video below. If I only had a quarter for every whining liberal I saw a on social media, I’d be rich. Share this if you agree!

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