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Country music star John Rich seemingly put his own career at risk this week by defying the left to say that other artists have come to him saying that they are being “muzzled” by the industry “when it comes to them expressing their frustration and anger about the targeting of conservatives.”

John Rich Reveals Conservative Artists Are Being ‘Muzzled’

“The list of country artists calling me is growing by the day who are saying they’re being ‘muzzled’ by the industry when it comes to them expressing their frustration and anger about the targeting of conservatives, and suppression of free speech by the powers that be,” Rich tweeted over the weekend, adding the hashtag “#BlackBall.”

Rich later attacked Big Tech in a second tweet for censoring conservatives.

“Someone’s ‘opinion’ doesn’t dictate what is true/false,” the country star tweeted. “Not my opinion, or yours. Free speech means SPEAKING FREELY. When ‘fact checkers’ wipe out platforms based on their ‘opinion’ of what you say being True/False, it’s akin to historic movements that always ended in disaster.”

Rich Loses 10,000 Followers

Rich claimed that he lost 10,000 followers in 12 hours right around the same time that various social media giants banned President Donald Trump from their platforms.

“Lost 10k followers in 12 hours. It’s an honor to be attacked for professing my loyalty to God, Country and family,” Rich claimed. “If big tech liked me, I’d take it as an insult. #OnwardChristianSoldiers.”

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Rich Claims There Are Many Closeted Republicans In The Industry

Rich has long been one of the few celebrities who is unapologetic about both his conservative views and his support of Trump, who he considers to be a personal friend.

Just after the November election, Rich told Fox News that he knows “a lot of” actors and comedians who previously supported left-leaning policies, but had their minds changed by President Trump.

“They all have come to me one by one and said, ‘Hey, don’t tell anybody, but, I am going to be voting for Trump this time,’ and I said, ‘Why don’t you tell people that’s what you’re doing?’ And they said, ‘Are you kidding me? Do you know what would happen to me if I said something like that?’” Rich said.

Hollywood and the entire entertainment world is so controlled by radical leftist these days that simply expressing a remotely conservative opinion is considered risky to someone’s career.

If we don’t stop the censorship of conservatives that is being thrust upon us by the entertainment world and Big Tech, we can only expect this to continue until everyone is silenced, save for the most radical of liberals among us. 

He also gave mainstream media nod in a recent tweet:

Listen to one of Rich’s songs “Earth To God” where he’s asking God to help heal our country:

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