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A 20-year-old “Antifa kid” was escorted by his parents into a police station after he was identified as the agitator who started the Pittsburgh riots this past weekend. The video of Brian Bartels and his mommy and daddy walking into the police station should serve as a wake-up call to any parents who continue enabling their children. 

Brian Bartels Arrest Advances Antifa Theories

Peaceful protests across the country quickly turned violent in a manner that many suspect was coordinated and hijacked by other groups.

Many blame the radical leftwing group Antifa for flipping the switch on the protests. Most started as peaceful protests over George Floyd’s death after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck.

Now, the arrest of Brian Bartels in Pennsylvania adds credibility to that story. 

Many in the media are associating this agitator with the radical group ‘Antifa’ due to his signature all-black ensemble and behavior. You can see in tweeted video of the incident that Bartels went to the protest with a backpack filled with gear for a riot.

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Protesters Plead For Bartels To Stop

In the tweeted video, you can hear the crowd trying to get him to stop. Black Lives Matter protesters were literally begging the white man-child to stop destroying the police car.

So what did he do? Bartels responded by giving them the middle finger before continuing to vandalize the police car.

Even though police on horseback arrived, the car was eventually set on fire after Bartels tagged it with spray paint. 

Clearly Bartels was there to inflame the situation and not to seek justice for George Floyd. 

With so many pictures and video of the riots, it didn’t take long for police to identify Bartels. In fact, one of his co-workers at Amazon called police to tip them off.

That helped end the manhunt quickly. 

‘Antifa Kid’ Walk of Shame With His Parents Into The Police Station

Pittsburgh police had their man by Monday. In a humiliating blow, Bartels who acted like such tough guy at the riot he started on Saturday was escorted by his parents into the police station.

His parents should be applauded for forcing their man-child to face the consequences of his actions.

But they clearly are humiliated at their child’s actions. They raised a son who started what is essentially a terrorist riot and caused widespread destruction in the city. 

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If I was caught on video starting a riot, I would have been more fearful of my parents than the police.

The Bartels are probably wishing now they had instilled some respect and decency in their son. The video of their walk of shame into the station is captured in the tweet below.

Prior to his arrest, Bartels allegedly started a GoFundMe page Sunday to help with his anticipated legal fees. The page, named “I need lawyer money,” raised just over $600 before it was taken down by GoFundMe administrators. 

While Brian Bartels’ ties to Antifa have not yet been confirmed, the agitator has been charged. The 20 year old’s list of charges include institutional vandalism, criminal mischief, rioting and five counts of reckless endangerment.

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