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Former ESPN sportswriter Jason Whitlock defied the radical left on Tuesday by arguing that the newly released body camera footage of the death of George Floyd shows that the mainstream media used his death to promote a “race hoax” that they hoped would divide America.

Jason Whitlock Calls Out The Mainstream Media Over George Floyd Death

53-year-old Whitlock just wrote a piece for Outkick that was titled: “Leaked video exposes George Floyd’s death as tragedy and race hoax used to divide us.” 

Race-baiting leftists are definitely not going to like what the former journalist for ESPN and Fox Sports had to say.

Whitlock wrote the piece in response to the body camera footage of the minutes leading up to Floyd’s death that was released by the Daily Mail this week.

In the video, Floyd can be seen acting so erratically that his arresting officers questioned if he was intoxicated.

He also resisted getting into the back of the police cruiser, citing his “claustrophobia,” “anxiety,” as well as previously having “COVID,” and his difficulty breathing.

Eventually, Floyd can be seen saying that he “can’t breathe.” And, that he’d rather be on the ground than in the police cruiser.

Whitlock argued in his story that the footage shows the officers were “appropriate and restrained given Floyd’s level of resistance and bizarre conduct.”

He added that it also “reasonably explains how and why Floyd wound up on the ground with multiple officers restraining him.”

Leaked Bodycam Footage Gives ‘Context’ As To What Happened To George Floyd

The former ESPN sportswriter argued that the video “does not justify officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes.”

However, he added that the “context” for “why Chauvin would be reluctant to believe Floyd’s ‘I can’t breathe’ cries.”  He pointed out Floyd’s repeated “panicked, disoriented, desperate and totally non-compliant behavior.”

Whitlock went on to slam the mainstream media for turning this into a racial situation, arguing that the full body camera footage proves that race had nothing to do with it. 

“The George Floyd case is not a race crime,” he wrote. “No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.”

Jason Whitlock Calls Out Pro Athletes

Whitlock then shifted to attacking the many athletes who have shamelessly used this tragedy to push a race-baiting, anti-police agenda. He said he is curious to hear what someone like LeBron James thinks about “the leaked Floyd footage.”

“The NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball chose to drape themselves in Black Lives Matter symbols and view all negative encounters between black people and white people as examples of white supremacy,” Whitlock wrote.

He also cautioned  that life is “far more complicated” than its looks on social media.

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“What happened to George Floyd is more complicated than the substance-less assertion that Derek Chauvin acted out of racial animus,” he wrote. “Chauvin abused his power. His defense lawyers will argue he was baited into abusing his power by Floyd.”

In the end, Whitlock said he was disgusted that sports organizations have engaged in “fear-driven leadership” and “turned America’s great unifier — sports — into a racial divider.”

Many of us have known for a long time that the mainstream media and radical left care nothing about the truth.

They’re willing to politicize anything if it helps them carry out their radical agenda… be it something as simple as sports, or something as serious as the death of Floyd. 

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