Willie And Korie Robertson Defend Gun Rights After Someone Breaks Into Their Home

Willie and Korie Robertson gun rights

Willie and Korie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame are speaking out this week to defend gun rights after they revealed to fans that someone tried to break into their home earlier this year.

The couple made this revelation in a clip from the next episode of their Facebook Watch series “At Home With the Robertsons.”

Willie And Korie Talk Home Intruder

“A lot of people, they can say they’re against them until something happens and then like, ‘Oh where’s the person with the gun?’ Or ‘I wish I had a gun,'” Korie said in the preview clip of the episode titled “Does Gun Control Really Work?” 

“I know it happened this year to us like someone tried to break into our home and I was very glad Willie had a gun hidden somewhere and I got it out and I was sitting on my bed ready,” she added. 

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Willie added his thoughts on gun rights and how it feels waiting for the police.

“Well, if you would think, ‘We’ll just call the cops and they’ll show up’ – and that’s not the case,” he said, according to Fox News

“When things happen it’s not the case that you can say, ‘Hang on. I gotta call the cops.’ Then you wait for the cops and then the cops get there and then you’re like, ‘OK. Back to your intruding or whatever you’re up to,'” Willie added. 

In this episode, the Robertsons talk with comedian Trae Crowder about gun control and what steps America could take to prevent gun violence. 

Take a look at this clip:

Crowder says, “I just get frustrated by the notion that there’s literally nothing that we can do. It’s so wild to me that they do active shooter drills at Walt Disney Elementary School. What a really weird world that we live in, and it scares me every time that there’s another school shooting. I’d just like for us to try something.”

Korie Felt Thankful And Relieved 

Korie further opened up about the terrifying incident to say that while she was grateful that police came quickly, she was also relieved that she “had a gun to defend” herself.

“But you know those moments you’re sitting there on your bed holding your gun, you know, wondering if someone’s going to bust through your door, I mean it’s scary,” she said. “I was really thankful that I had it. I didn’t want to have to use it.”

“But in that moment, when there’s an intruder in your home, I felt really, really thankful that I had a gun to defend myself,” Korie continued. 

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Willie And Korie Tackling Tough Topics

Willie and Korie are striving to have deep and open conversations about sensitive and hot-button topics on this Facebook Watch show.

Previous episodes have tackled things like racial injustice, police brutality, and even athletes taking a knee during the national anthem.

While gun-grabbing leftists will undoubtedly have a big problem with what Willie and Korie had to say in this episode, their message will clearly resonate with Americans who just want to defend their homes from potential intruders.

In a moment of crisis, our rights become very important. And, Willie and Korie Robertson remind us why the Second Amendment is so important.