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On Monday, former “Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson debuted their new Facebook Watch series “At Home With The Robertsons.”

In episode one, Willie and Korie got very real about what it has been like to raise a biracial son in America during this turbulent time. 

The Robertson’s Premiere New Web Series

In this episode, Willie and Korie were joined by “Love and Hip Hop” stars Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris, who are both Black.

Their adopted son Will, whose biological father is black and biological mother is white, also joined them. He was adopted by the Robertson family when he was just five weeks old, according to Fox News. He’s 19 years old now.

Discussion Turns To Race

Yandy began the discussion by asking how the Robertson’s handled questions about adopting a person of color before they brought Will into their family. 

“I remember my grandmother had a friend who’s Black that expressed to her that she felt like White people shouldn’t adopt Black kids. I think she just felt like Black people should adopt Black people and White people should adopt White people,” Korie remembered. “But I just think that’s not helpful.”

Willie remembered officials at the adoption agency telling him that biracial children are “the hardest ones to place here in the south.”

And, Willie said that he had no issues with adopting a biracial child. Korie just remembered feeling “all love and all excitement and just gratefulness for this beautiful baby boy that we had.”

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They Recall ‘Ugly Comments’ After ‘Duck Dynasty’ Premiere

However, Korie went on to say that there were never any concerns about being asked about Will’s race, until “Duck Dynasty” premiered. 

“We didn’t think about it until the show happened and people were like, ‘Wait who’s the Black kid? Who does he belong to?'” she said. 

Willie also recalled the “all kind of ugly comments” his family got about their son

“For us it was weird because now he can see that,” Willie said of this hate. “We didn’t see that and we had people do all kind of ugly things.”

Korie added that it was “always shocking” when they were met with racism. 

“I remember when the Charlottesville thing happened,” she said. “It’s just so sad to me, and you know, having a son that’s Black and biracial, just to, you know, have to explain that to him, you wanna say, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no…that’s in the past.’ But whenever it’s right there in your face, you’re like, ‘No, it’s not in the past.'”

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What To Do About The Police

When asked if they had ever had a discussion with Will about what he should do if he’s pulled over by police, Willie admitted that they had not.

Despite pushback from Yandy, Willie did not think his son needs to worry about having issues with police. 

“I’ve never once worried about that. I think I taught them to be respectful to any type of authority, with teachers, everyone,” Willie said. 

Korie ended the conversation by saying that she hopes to someday live in a world where “racism just does not exist, where no one is judged for the color of their skin.”

“At Home With The Robertson” will be a weekly web series in which Willie and Korie bring various celebrity guests into their home in Louisiana.

If the first episode is any indication, this will certainly be an interesting and thought-provoking series!

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