Dave Meltzer Called Out For Degrading Woman, Roman Reigns’ Stable

Dave Meltzer recently got "called out" from a WWE superstar, for degrading women. Plus, more information on Roman Reigns and The Usos.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer has landed in some hot water recently. Unfortunately, he’s been called out by a WWE superstar for degrading women.

Dave Meltzer Called Out For Degrading Woman

Zelina Vega has officially returned to the WWE. She’s known for being a strong and outspoken woman and is not about to hold back.

Vega recently posted something on Twitter. It called out “dirt sheet writers”, see below.

It’s not clear exactly why Zelina posted this tweet. However, she is always in the news. 

Dave Meltzer Comments On Being Called Out

In turn, Dave commented on Zelina’s call out. She replied to what he had to say via another tweet. 

She would clarify the reason behind the post. Basically, according to Vega, Meltzer ‘tears down and degrades women in this business for no apparent reason.

You can see Zelina Vega’s explanation below. She placed it all in a tweet and tagged Meltzer.

Dave did later comment on the post. He said that Vega should point out who exactly lied rather than place a blanket statement on a group of people.

Dave Meltzer has gotten into some hot water over the years. He’s degraded female wrestlers multiple times in the recent past.

There have been many instances. However, two stand out.

In 2018, he made comments about Peyton Royce being “lighter” in NXT. He also recently stated Charlotte Flair was “subconscious” about her looks.

Zelina Vega recently made a splashing return on SmackDown, as a heel. In fact, she’s already a contender vying for Ms. Money in the Bank (MITB) this year.

Speaking of the blue brand, there’s news about Roman Reigns and his cousins, The Usos. What’s in store for these three?

Roman Reigns’ Stable

Bryan Alvarez chimed in on the cousins during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio. Jimmy and Jey have “swapped” places in the storyline because Creative felt they went as far as they could go with Jey.

Dave Meltzer Called Out
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Jimmy’s also been absent for quite a while. He could use some airtime and an angle.

According to Alvarez, Jey went as far as he could go with this storyline, creatively. “They” have a show to do weekly, so they are doing the same thing now with his twin.

Onward To SummerSlam

There’s a lot of moving pieces with this program. The beauty is, they are not pushing the storyline too fast.

Jimmy is going through a lot of what Jey did some months ago. However, will he end up with the same ending as Jey?

It’s hard to say. One thing is for sure, Roman Reigns and his “stable” get a lot of attention on SmackDown.

According to reports, Reigns will be placed in an interesting program come SummerSlam. He’s set to face John Cena, again.

Before the Head of the Table battles the Cenation Leader, he has to get through Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Basically, it sounds like he’ll face Edge, which should be an incredible match.

Therefore, much like Zelina Vega, the WWE Hall of Famer Edge made a huge comeback recently. Both are participating at MITB, scheduled for Sunday, July 18th.

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