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WWE Executives Apologized To Zelina Vega, Aleister Black News

WWE executives apologized to Zelina Vega as part of her returning to the company. And, does this mean Aleister Black could return as well?

As part of the deal for her return, WWE executives apologized to Zelina Vega. Also, some are wondering if this means Aleister Black could also re-sign.

WWE Executives Apologized To Zelina Vega

SmackDown witnessed a surprise as Zelina Vega returned to WWE TV. She lost to Liv Morgan, but was still given a Money In The Bank Ladder Match spot. 

There had been reports since May that Vega re-signed. Back in November 2020, she was released for matters that are still somewhat unclear.

Big issues were Vega not wanting to give up her third party platforms as she made good money. Also, there was talk she mentioned the word ‘union’ and most companies did not like that word.

Per PW Insider, unnamed WWE executives apologized to Vega and offered her a deal to return. At least a month ago, she re-signed and the belief is WWE were waiting on the right time to bring her back.

To add, Fightful Select noted how WWE put an effort forward to remain in contact with Vega. They continued how “influential names” pushed for her return.

According to Fightful Select, WWE made an effort to stay in contact with Vega throughout the process of bringing her back. Again, it was not noted who where the “influential names.”

It will be interesting to see if WWE lets Vega keep her Twitch Channel as that was a big issue.

Aleister Black News

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Once Zelina Vega appeared on SmackDown, there was another name trending as well. Her husband, ex WWE superstar Aleister Black, was also the talk of social media.

Fightful Select confirmed that Black has not re-signed with WWE like his wife. He is not listed on any internal roster, which would indicate that a return is not near.

After turning heel for the first time on the RAW brand, Black’s feud with Kevin Owens quickly ended. Then, he was sent to SmackDown as part of Draft, but never even wrestled one time.

Black was off TV about eight months and then vignettes started airing, with a slightly new gimmick. This went on for over a month and then WWE shocked the fans.

Suddenly, Black returned on the May 21 edition of SmackDown. Therefore, he helped Sami Zayn defeat Big E to remain Intercontinental Champion.

The feud with Big E ended there as nothing happened the following week and on June 2, Black was released. He was let go with lots other talent, with his being one of the most shocking.

Some in WWE think the move was made hastily and a mistake. Samoa Joe was fired by WWE, although he returned as part of NXT.

Some were hoping the same would happen with Black. In NXT, he was a former World Champion and rarely got pinned.

Basically, if WWE is not interested in Black, there is likely others promotions that would make an offer. The most likely, would be WWE’s biggest competition in AEW.

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