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Backstage Money In The Bank Response, WWE Superstar Switches Brands

We've got talk of the backstage Money In The Bank hope that WWE carries toward SummerSlam. Plus a Superstar switches brands quietly.

With SummerSlam on the horizon, we can discuss some backstage Money In The Bank hope, and it seems very positive. Plus, reports indicate a WWE Superstar switches brands.

Backstage Money In The Bank Hope

WWE had it’s first major PPV in over a year in front of a packed house on Sunday, and we’ve got the backstage Money In The Bank hope to talk about.

One way to look at it is…how does the Money In The Bank hope carry over to the upcoming August SummerSlam?

For a while now, we’ve heard rumblings about the company aiming to make SummerSlam one of the biggest ever for that particular event. 

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Some have gone so far as to expect an almost “WrestleMania-esque” feel to the show. Considering that it will be held in a massive football stadium, clearly WWE is going big.

It’s the biggest stadium for SummerSlam since the old Wembley Stadium hosted the event in 1988.

So, WrestleVotes has more on the backstage response to Money In The Bank from Sunday…and how it ties in to SummerSlam.

To recap things, and set the table a bit…

Friday kicked off the “road to SummerSlam”, if you will, as WWE returned to live shows with a full crowd in attendance. SmackDown benefitted a great deal, in my opinion.

Sunday gave us a really strong Money In The Bank, punctuated by the return of John Cena.

Tonight is RAW’s turn, and there are rumblings that Goldberg will show up to challenge Lashley.

On top of those returns, we still are waiting to see when other Superstars, like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and others return.

The company does have quite a few Superstars they can bring back, or debut, between now and SummerSlam.

Based on the backstage Money In The Bank response, we may be seeing a steady stream of surprises and big moments over the next few weeks, as WWE looks to keep building momentum.

WWE Superstar Switches Brands

According to PWInsider, a WWE Superstar switches brands, or will be switching soon.

Per the report, Naomi is expected to become a member of the SmackDown roster.

Stating the obvious here, but Naomi is married to Jimmy Uso.

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This could primarily be a move to respect the family unit, as in the past, WWE has often allowed couples to work on the same brand.

With the touring stopped for the last 18 months, those considerations were less important-everyone was effectively stationary.

Of course, the move could have more significance, too.

Roman Reigns and The Usos used “The Bloodline” heavily in recent promos. It’s not hard to see WWE dub the faction The Bloodline and sell merch.

It is also not impossible to imagine adding talent to the stable. With that in mind, they might want someone holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship, perhaps?

Not touching on the Intercontinental Championship…but one thing at a time.

Also it is worth keeping the WWE Draft in mind.  The Draft has not been officially announced,  but is slated for the end of August and beginning of September.

If this in fact has happened, Naomi would follow a curious trade last week. One wonders if there is significance to any of those moved, since they were done before the upcoming draft.

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