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WWE Looking To Book The Rock And Edge For Upcoming PPVs

With WWE looking to get back to normal with the return of fans, there is talk of The Rock and Edge appearing at upcoming major PPVs.

If WWE gets what they want, The Rock and Edge could be appearing on some upcoming PPVs.

WWE Looking To Book The Rock And Edge For Upcoming PPVs

With SummerSlam coming from Nevada, fans are wondering about the next big event. As of now, no location is confirmed for Survivor Series in November, but there is a rumor.

WWE has Brooklyn’s New York listed as a possible location. On top of that, they are looking for a major name to appear.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE is hoping to secure The Rock. There was no word if he would compete or simply be present.

Booking The Rock for a match is challenging with his hectic schedule. Because there is a chance for injury, the head of movies do not want him wrestling. 

For awhile now, there has been talk of The Rock wrestling once more before hanging up his boots. The leading candidate has been against his own blood, in Roman Reigns.

Right now, Reigns is easily the biggest heel on the roster. In a few short months, he will close in on a full year as Universal Champion.

For Reigns, a win over The Rock would continue to cement his legacy. Then again, there seems to be nobody who can take the title off Reigns.

Basically, if WWE get The Rock to just appear, that would be huge. WrestleMania 38 needs a big match and The Rock vs. Reigns is a headliner.

The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns Looks Possible

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Speaking of returns, Edge be might be coming back to WWE TV. There is a strong belief going around that WWE is looking to book him for SummerSlam in August.

It has been a wild 18 months for Edge. After almost a decade, he was cleared to return for in-ring competition.

He spent a year feuding with Randy Orton, which included a bicep tear. Then, he switched his attention to the Universal Championship.

Edge won the Royal Rumble this year and then entered a program with Reigns. WWE decided to toss Daniel Bryan in and the three headlined night two of WrestleMania 37.

In the end, Reigns pinned Edge and Bryan at the same time. That statement allowed Reigns to continue his current push as the baddest superstar on the roster.

Edge’s Current WWE Contact

When Edge signed a WWE contract, it was thought to have been for two matches per year and a bunch of TV appearances. Although, some now think he signed another contract that was for more matches.

Next month, WWE will begin touring again. Since COVID struck, they have been forced to hold their shows (minus WrestleMania 37) with no fans.

Currently, SmackDown will be the first brand to welcome back fans. Therefore, WWE is looking to stack the show and likely the RAW to follow.

To add, Edge will be in the Texas area when fans return. As for a possible opponent, that was not discussed.

It could be WWE is still trying to figure everything out. But, if they are going to book Edge, it is likely he will be featured in a marquee match.

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