free agents avoiding aew
Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

While it seems unlikely, could there be free agents avoiding AEW? Plus, we have a Sonya Deville stalker update.

Free Agents Avoiding AEW?

The way things have gone for the new company, this next sentence is hard to imagine. Could free agents be avoiding AEW?

According to a report out there, at least one game changing free agent is indeed avoiding AEW.

So, what would cause a free agent to stop and think before jumping into a contract with the young promotion?

There is that report of animosity between AEW executive vice presidents. We touched on that earlier in the week too.

Well, there’s been plenty said all around the web about that topic. The more we hear, the more it seems that where there is smoke, there is also fire.

According to details provided by PWTorch, there is at least one major free agent who will not be rushing to sign with AEW. The reason: that previously mentioned tension between executives.

Now, naturally, there is no name in the report, so that free agent could be anyone.


free agents avoiding aew

Source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

The Torch did imply that the name in question would move needles, however. Translation: this is a big fish.

So, we’ve got a couple major free agents out there…could any of these be that free agent who is avoiding AEW?

Among the names: Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and even Brock Lesnar. There are other former talents out there too…but those four likely move the needle the most.

Could all four free agents be avoiding AEW? Perhaps, though it’s probable if they are, it’s not linked to executive unrest for AEW.

What does this all mean? If there is indeed an issue between executives (and it sure looks like there is), then AEW needs to fix it and soon.

Samoa Joe was cut loose…so it’s unlikely that WWE is clamoring to re-sign a man they just released.

However, those other three? All are wrestlers WWE does, or might, want in the locker room.

Of the three, Daniel Bryan is being most pursued by WWE, based on reports.

I’d bet that there is some manner of agreement between Lesnar and Vince McMahon, allowing Brock to return when things have settled down.

Sonya Deville Stalker Update

By now, most wrestling fans are aware of what happened to the Superstar now working in management…but we have a Sonya Deville stalker update to talk about.

It seems not all that long ago that reports emerged of Deville having a stalker who came dangerously close to her and a Superstar friend.

How close? The man was in her house.

sonya deville stalker update

Source: custom, Sonya Deville Twitter screenshot

One mentally unstable person became fixated on Sonya Deville, and he would stop at nothing to be near her.

As close as he got to Sonya Deville…he got closer to Florida’s finest.

Now, we are hearing that the person who has been charged has been deemed unfit for trial.

According to Heel By Nature, that is an interesting, if not unexpected development.

By declaring him mentally unstable and unfit for trial, he will be trading prison and a trial for a spot in a Florida mental hospital instead.