You know you are moving up in the world when you can buy a home from a fellow WWE superstar. While the Big Show decided to sell his home, Baron Corbin decided to buy it.

A House with a History

The home Baron Corbin bought from the Big Show actually has a lot more history than you would have though. Before the Big Show owned the home, it was the Undertaker’s home. Does this mean Baron Corbin already considers himself a legend? And has Baron Corbin officially bought the Undertaker’s yard? I imagine Roman Reigns won’t be happy about this!

The House

Before we elaborate, we do need to mention that the Big Show is far from homeless after selling his home to Baron Corbin, because the Giant actually owned two giant homes in the U.S.

Big Show’s current home is situated in Miami. The home measures a whopping 9,589 square foot and values a little over $3.7 million dollars. It counts six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, kitchen, two fireplaces, media room, master suites, pool, spa and a whole bunch of other things!

Big Show’s second home, which Baron Corbin bought, is situated in Odessa, Florida; this is close to Tampa, where John Cena owns some property too. Big Show bought the house from the Undertaker back in 2001 for a staggering sum of $680,000. It includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a swimming pool, boat dock and a 3,856 square feet in total. In short, a lot of space for a lone wolf to roam.

What’s Next for Baron Corbin?

The fact Corbin just invested in a celebrity house certainly proves that he is getting a good paycheck from the WWE. Over the past couple of months, it surely has become clear that the WWE has some big plans for Corbin.

There are some rumors circulating that the next person to take on Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship is Baron Corbin. Unfortunately, this means that Joe will lose to Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. Still, if Lesnar is set to retain the title until WrestleMania, as I believe he will, Corbin will also be fodder for the paper champion.

What I Think of Corbin

I have to admit that I adored Corbin when he was still in NXT. However, the way he came up in the WWE and the terrible storylines he has been getting for a while put me off somewhat. It does not mean that this is the case for everyone because my other half likes Corbin more now than he did when he just came up from NXT.

Even though I’ve gone off Corbin a little, I do believe that he has the makings of a legend. The only thing he needs is a little more depth in his character. He may be saying he is the “lone wolf”, but we have not seen that side of him on the main roster yet. So, I do hope he builds on this character and shows everyone what he can do.

What do you think of Corbin? And what did you think about his recent house purchase and the history of the house? What would you do if you have bought a house that formerly belonged to the Undertaker and Big Show?

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