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More Details On Samoa Joe’s Role, Nikki Bella Issues Chyna Apologize

We have more details on Samoa Joe's role within NXT since he is back. Plus, after the bad video, Nikki Bella issues an apology.

Now that he’s back, we have more details on Samoa Joe’s role in NXT, and how it came to be. Plus, after a nasty old video popped up, Nikki Bella issues an apology to the family of the late Chyna.

More Details On Samoa Joe’s Role

It was a bit shocking when WWE released him, but even more so when they brought him back. Now we have more details on Samoa Joe’s role within NXT, and how it all came together.

To frame things, remember that the black and yellow brand is something that seems to have much more oversight from Triple H than Vince McMahon or Nick Khan.

That note is likely also a big, if unspoken, reason things shook out as they did. Even if Khan did just whack a bunch of NXT names….

With that said, shortly after WrestleMania, WWE released Samoa Joe. Just a few weeks back, WWE re-signed Samoa Joe.

Now, Joe had the opportunity to appear as a guest on a recent podcast. During his visit, he got to speak on what his new role will be, and how it all came together.

Per Joe, Hunter reached out quickly after the release. As in, within hours.

The conversation was basically Hunter asking Joe to give him a little time to work things out. Joe did, and things have worked out.

So, Samoa Joe’s role is just an enforcer for William Regal, right?

Not exactly.

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Per the Superstar himself, he has a few roles within NXT.

While he will be serving as Regal’s on-screen muscle, he will also be working as a talent scout, among other things.

Joe seemed excited to be learning some of the administrative roles behind the scenes. While he may not be completely ready to be done in the ring…knowing more about the business end of it will help Joe.

You could argue that Joe’s role could be one of several things moving forward. He was a very good voice on commentary, so there’s always that.

And, it certainly does seem as though there might be some matches left in his tank, too. Several times since returning to NXT, Samoa Joe has had stare-downs with Karrion Kross.

Those segments have been electric, and we can be certain none of those are accidental or just random.

Nikki Bella Issues Chyna Apologize

Just the other day, a stunningly bad video emerged of the Bella Twins trashing the late Chyna. Now, Nikki Bella issues an apology for both her and her sister.

The duo took to social media to say they were sorry.

The apology stands on it’s own. While it was the right thing to do, it was also really the only thing to do.

nikki bella issues apology
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It is just another reminder that, with technology everywhere, almost anything we say or do anymore can be immortalized. And, that is not always a good thing.

Nikki and Brie said some amazingly bad things, and they apologized. Things can’t be unsaid, but  hopefully with the apology there can be closure.

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