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Tucker Feels WWE Lied, CM Punk Pokes At Samoa Joe’s Rehiring

Ex superstar Tucker recently stated he feels as if the WWE lied to him, multiple times. Plus, CM Punk mocks WWE's rehiring of Samoa Joe.

Tucker was released by the WWE on April 15th of this year.  The superstar recently revealed he feels the company lied to his face on more than one occasion.

Tucker Feels WWE Lied

After Heavy Machinery split up, Tucker was rarely on television. Therefore, it’s no big surprise that Otis remains with the WWE, while his tag partner was released in the spring.

Tucker recently spoke to Wrestle Talk. He talked about his time in the WWE.

One story he relayed, was how Heavy Machinery broke up. According to Tucker, he wasn’t told about the tag team splitting up.

Tucker stated that the first time it was mentioned was the day they did Talking Smack. The two found out a couple of hours before the segment.

As Tucker put it, they were “kayfabing” everyone on the show. It wasn’t meant to be an “official” split.

A few weeks after the announcement, the El Gran Gordo shtick emerged. Otis wore a mask.

The storyline mocked the two superstars being placed on different brands. He stated that days later, the tag team officially split. 

Tucker On MITB + WWE Lied

The former WWE superstar noted that plans constantly changed. He feels the company flip-flopped on decisions.

In his opinion, this environment created a “frazzled” feeling. He would just do things and never asked questions.

Otis’s Money in the Bank (MITB) win was a major failure. There was so much the WWE could’ve done with that storyline.

Tucker believes Otis’s MITB win was a snap decision. Shortly after this statement, he claimed he felt like the WWE lied straight to his face, multiple times. 

Sounds like Tucker went through a lot of ups and downs with his WWE run. However, he learned a lot about this business.

His time at the WWE Performance Center was surely a great experience. Whatever comes next, WNZ wishes Tucker all the best in this next chapter in his career.

Speaking of, Samoa Joe left the company in April, too. Unlike Tucker, he returned to NXT fairly swiftly.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed within the WWE Universe. In fact, ex-superstar CM Punk took a dig at the company for the rehire.

CM Punk Pokes Fun At Samoa Joe’s Rehiring

CM Punk conducted a recent Q&A on Twitter. A fan commented on Samoa Joe’s return to NXT, after his release.

Tucker Feels WWE Lied
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Punk’s response to the fan question poked fun at how “big” the WWE is. One side may not know what the other side is up to.

CM Punk merely wrote back saying: the “left” hand not talking to the “right”. He might not be wrong.

Samoa Joe’s Return

Joe returned to NXT this past week. However, he did not get physical.

He did call security to help handle a team battle that spilled out into the ring. Plus, backstage confrontations with Karrion Kross continue as well.

Samoa Joe’s role in NXT is unclear. With that said, most fans are glad HHH brought him back.

Seeing Joe in any capacity within the WWE umbrella is good. Thankfully, Triple H agrees.

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