Kurt Angle Extreme Pain
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Because of all the abuse he took, Kurt Angle lives each day in extreme pain. Also, Jeff Hardy’s WWE contract might have changed.

Kurt Angle In Extreme Pain

In the pro wrestling business, there are not many great ways to take a bump. Therefore, the fall will hurt no matter the protection.

That harsh reality has seen wrestlers get addicted to prescription medicine. After so many early deaths, WWE introduced the Wellness Policy.

For someone, like Kurt Angle, the program might have saved his life. At the hight of his WWE career, Angle abruptly left after refusing to enter rehab.

Later, he admit to taking something like 70 Vicodin pills a day. Basically, that amount is absurd and he is lucky to be alive.

Still, the damage has already been done. The WWE Hall of Famer took part in a Q&A edition of The Kurt Angle Show, where he disclosed that he is in constant pain.

Kurt Angle Tells All

“I’m in extreme pain all day long,” said Angle. “I do maintenance on my body all day.” 

“So, I do my neck traction. I have a thing called the Iron Neck, where it trains your neck. It has anti-gravity machine rollers and I can stretch.”

“Do a lot of weight training. I work on my body a good 2-3 hours a day. I have to.” 

“I’m so banged up now. I sacrificed a lot of my body in professional wrestling and amateur wrestling. I have to blame both sports, not just one.” 

“I’m paying for it now, but I’m managing it. I had a painkiller problem, and I kicked that eight years ago.” 

“Not having painkillers anymore is really difficult, but I’m never going back to those, nor do I want to. I’m going to keep doing my body maintenance training, and doing what I’m doing right now.”

It is great to see Angle change his life. Sadly, he will likely live the rest of his life in pain and needs to adjust.

At the moment, Angle is not under any wrestling contract. Then, when he could no longer compete like he did, WWE made the call to end his career at WrestleMania 35.

Last year, he was one of the many names released by WWE. It was nothing personal as COVID caused the promotion to let many employees go.

WWE did offer to bring Angle back in a manager type role for Matt Riddle. He declined the decision, but has made a few appearances.

Jeff Hardy’s WWE Contract

Source: WrestleTalk, Twitter, Screenshot

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular superstars in WWE, yet he has not been used that well in recent years. Some are under the impression WWE is done booking him as main event wrestler, while others think he can still carry a brand.

For now, he is not going anywhere after signing a new deal in 2020. According to Fightful Select, his WWE deal was “either restructured, re-signed or extended.”

The report continued how Hardy is believed to be with WWE until late 2022 or early 2023. 

Hardy has suffered injuries that caused him to miss large chunks of time. As a result, WWE can extend the contract to make up for lost time.

His brother, Matt Hardy, left WWE and signed with AEW. He has been open about Jeff joining him in AEW to reform The Hardy Boys.