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Source: Under the covers with Uncle Joe Biden screenshot via YouTube; Jeff Dunham screenshot via YouTube

Jeff Dunham is once again proving that he is not afraid of the PC Police and pokes fun at the president with his “Creepy Uncle Joe” routine.

The comedian and ventriloquist’s latest video of Joe Biden whispering under the covers is evidence of this.

Dunham even hints that this highlighting of Biden’s bizarre behavior might be something he does regularly. 

Biden’s Whispering Press Conference 

Biden had a different kind of head scratching press conference.

He whispered at them for some reason.

It raised a lot of red flags for people concerned with his cognitive abilities. 

And that’s what Dunham took aim at in his latest video.

You’ll notice that Walter and Creepy Uncle Joe have a lot of similarities. In fact, they have never been seen together. 

There is a lot of humor in today’s headlines under President Biden.

You either can chose to laugh or cry at the nonsense.

Dunham wants us to chose laughter. 

“Under The Covers With Uncle Joe” has the presidential puppet whispering nonsense in bed.

Complete with nose hairs and aviator sunglasses, Creepy Uncle Joe says things that we could completely believe Biden would say. 

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“Hey, have you had your vaccine? Get it now! We have no other way of tracking you!,” Creepy Uncle Joe says as if he is telling a secret. 

Staff Quickly Ends The Livestream

This hilarious video shows “Uncle Joe” on a livestream when no one else is around.

He uses his freedom to freestyle. It’s a short video because his staff ends it shortly after he begins livestreaming. 

“Roosevelt had his Fireside Chats. Let’s make this a regular thing too,” Uncle Joe whispers before handler bust down the door to stop his live stream. 

You can watch this hilarious Jeff Dunham video below. 

Dunham is an equal opportunity offender.

He’s not afraid to mock Joe Biden.

We need a politically incorrect comic who defies cancel culture to make us laugh. Jeff Dunham is filling that void. 

Last week, he also had a Biden Press conference video that was mimicked reality. 

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Dunham also took aim at Biden when the President repeatedly fell down the stairs while walking up to Air Force One. 

Hopefully Creepy Uncle Joe fulfills his promise to make these videos a regular thing.

We all need to keep up our sense of humor these days. 

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