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Source: Jeff Dunham's Joe Biden Press Conference screenshot via YouTube

Jeff Dunham has taken on a touchy topic – President Joe Biden. And yes, he went there and poked fun at Biden’s many shortcomings. 

Dunham is an equal opportunity offender. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have met the scorn of his characters, such as Walter.

Now, it’s Joe Biden’s turn. 

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Walter And Joe Biden

Many fans have noted the resemblance between Walter and Biden. Those fans will not be disappointed with this latest video. After all, nobody can play a puppet president better than an actual grumpy puppet!

Nothing appeared to be off limits.

Biden’s memory, sniffing women, and confusion issues were center stage at Dunham’s “President Joe Biden Holds Press Conference.”

The media’s enabling behavior of the Democratic President also was an easy target for the ventriloquist.

The President’s well-known ability to misunderstand common questions and topics was also addressed. 

“How did you feel abroad?” a reporter asked about Biden’s visit at the G7.

“I didn’t touch her.”

The media’s questions are such softballs that you might mistake it for an actual CNN interview.

They even give him a pass when puppet Biden doesn’t know who Kamala Harris is.

After learning his Vice President is a woman, “let me know when she shows up again Ill take a whiff” he said. 

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Jeff Dunham Takes On Biden And The Media

Biden’s real life confusion and the media’s covering for him make this skit feel like actual news.

As you know, there is a lot of truth in humor.

In this instance, it might be better to laugh than cry at our present-day reality. 

“I will go to Israel and meet Moses,” Jeff Dunham’s Biden tells the media. “Last I remember his bushes were on fire.”

The video below is so much like real life. Watch it for a great laugh!

Jeff Dunham had to take a break from his typical stadium-sized performances during the pandemic.

However, he continues to entertain us through his YouTube channel. Hopefully, he will be touring again soon. 

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