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Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham doesn’t take any prisoners politically. The comedian is an equal opportunity offender and he proves that with his hilarious new debate video “2020 Presidential Election: Will Hiden Trump Grump?” This gut-busting satirical debate video features two of your favorite Jeff Dunham puppets: Walter and Achmed.

Achmed the Dead Journalist plays the role of the moderator between the two presidential candidates.

Achmed has the same level of journalistic integrity as today’s mainstream media reporters. He reports live as “peaceful explosions rock big cities.” Fire and bombs are going off before he speaks with President Wonald Grump and former Vice President Ben Hiden. 

Walter As Wonald Grump vs. Ben Hiden

Walter does double duty in this video playing both Grump and Hiden in Dunham’s debate video. He wears a wig to play the role of the President, but he looks true to form for Hiden.

After all, the curmudgeon and Joe Biden do resemble each other. The white hair sets them apart. 

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This debate goes about as well as expected. Ben Hiden has some serious dementia issues that dominate the entire video.

To make matters worse for the former Vice President, he makes sexual references faster than Bill Clinton probably thinks them. Hiden gets an electric shock each time he makes a perverted comment or goes off script. 

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get back on that whore! I mean horse!” Hiden says as an electric shock goes through his body in an attempt to shut him up. 

President Wonald Grump doesn’t exactly get a pass. He has his record to defend, but it’s his communication style that takes center stage.

Jeff Dunham’s Biden And Trump Debate Video Details

The details in this video are spot on.

On the President’s desk is a Best Boss Ever mug, cans of Goya beans, and a My Pillow knockoff with Jeff Dunham portraying the owner/spokesperson on the box.

The bookshelves behind the candidates will give you a chuckle as well. There are plenty of Easter eggs to be found, including a “Politics for Dummies” book behind Biden, I mean Hiden. 

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Ben Hiden thinks Antifa stands for incontinence while Grump has a more concise definition for the destructive radical leftwing movement. 

“ANTI-FA is the island where Commie-law is from” Grump tells Achmed. 

Hiden is confident about the election as he has a box of ballots that he is going to send in. “It’s going to be a landslide for Perot!,” the confused former Vice President declares. 

Achmed is a more unbiased journalist than what you will see in the mainstream media.

This video is more likely to unite us in the divided times as it’s hilarious. Check it out below. 

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