wwe human rights violations drake wuertz
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In a surprising bit of news, an ex-WWE employee alleges that the company committed human rights violations. And in exciting news, an NXT tournament is returning soon.

Ex-WWE Employee Alleges Human Rights Violations

The sports entertainment company has been accused of many things, but now an ex-WWE employee alleges that the company has committed human rights violations.

The accuser? His name may not shock you, all things considered.

You may remember Drake Wuertz from a rather tumultuous few months from 2021.

wwe human rights violations drake wuertz

source: custom, Heel By Nature Twitter screenshot

He was employed as a referee for the NXT brand, but after a series of controversial actions, he was released not long ago.

Well, now he alleges that WWE is guilty of human rights violations.

The root of his complaint, apparently, is with WWE’s position on masks, vaccinations and the health and wellness handling of the pandemic.

Wuertz posted text messages on Tuesday detailing his position.

Considering Wuertz’s prior rants and conspiracy theory positions, it’s hard to truly be shocked by this.

On top of that, doing this now really does come off more as a bitter ex-employee, as opposed to some heroic whistleblower whom is doing some more noble thing.

As a personal commentary, from someone who is fully vaccinated, I still tend to wear my mask as required or requested.

I still have family who aren’t, and a mask is but a minor inconvenience, in the grand scheme of things.

That all said, this is just the latest crazy comment from the ex-WWE employee. Sadly, I think it’s a safe bet there will be future fun still to come from Drake Wuertz.

NXT Tournament Returning Soon

In better news, and actual wrestling news, an NXT tournament should be returning soon.

Specifically, the NXT Breakout Tournament is returning soon.

If you aren’t aware of this one, don’t feel too bad.

The NXT Breakout Tournament was held only once before, in 2019. That tournament actually boasts a fairly star-studded group, when you look it over.

It was won by Jordan Myles-who is no longer with NXT. Several others involved were among recent releases.

However, among the participants from the 2019 edition who are still here? Bronson Reed, Swerve Scott, Joaquin Wilde, Dexter Lumis, Cameron Grimes and Angel Garza, among others.

nxt tournament returning soon

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According to Wrestling, Inc, the tournament’s initial matches were taped ahead of Tuesday’s NXT show. This seems to point to things kicking off as soon as Friday’s 205 Live.

Knowing just how loaded the 2019 Tournament was, fans may want to watch this one closely. One never knows when we could be seeing the next Lumis or Grimes or Garza, after all.

While things are in motion, some details remain to be clarified.

We don’t yet know where the tournament will culminate, for starters.

Plus, will the winner of the 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament earn the same prize as his 2019 peer? In that example, Jordan Myles got a shot at a champion of his choosing.

If you were wondering, Myles challenged then-NXT Champion Adam Cole and lost.

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