former nxt referee issues
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WWE released NXT referee Drake Wuertz recently, and we have more details on the former NXT referee’s issues. And in other news, an AEW star is out indefinitely.

Details On Former NXT Referee Issues

Drake Wuertz has had an interesting year so far, being recently released by WWE. Now we have additional details on the former NXT referee’s issues.

We have covered some of Wuertz’s recent issues, which resulted in an apparent informal suspension. 

Following that move, it appeared he had toned things down quite a bit…until he snapped.

former nxt referee issues

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Now, WWE finally made the move to move on from Wuertz.  It’s not hard to see why.

With that release, newer details on the former NXT referee’s issues are coming to light.

It was not that long ago where Triple H gave a passionate, BLM related speech. We’ve now learned that Wuertz actually got up from that meeting and left.

He was more an “All Lives Matter” person, and seemingly unapologetically loud about. For obvious reasons, that won’t play well, and surely contributed to his exit.

On top of that, it was revealed that some NXT Superstars were refusing to work matches where Drake Wuertz would be the referee.

It seems clear that Drake’s far right position rubbed many the wrong way. He was also openly anti-vaccination and anti-mask, which did not sit well with talent.

In the end, enough was enough and WWE parted ways.  Reactions, naturally, were very supportive of the overdue decision.

AEW Star Out Indefinitely

Injuries are an unfortunate part of wrestling and sports, and because of one, an AEW star is out indefinitely.

While the details are scarce at the moment, the injuries will keep him off the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV.

aew star out indefinitely

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That star would be Ray Fenix.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Fenix needed to be pulled from the upcoming show due to the injuries.

We don’t have an idea on what his injuries are, or even a timetable for his return. According to the report, the AEW star will be out indefinitely.

The timing is unfortunate, in that it will cause him to miss at least one major PPV.

As with any injury, you hope that it turns out to be less severe, and that Fenix could go from “out indefinitely” to back before we know it.

I am sure both the AEW star and his employer are hoping for a quick return. With the company slated to resume touring in front of live crowds shortly, they will want all of their top talent available.

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