wwe shuffles ppv calendar
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

While watching WrestleMania Backlash, fans learned that WWE has shuffled the PPV calendar. And in a bit of a surprise, there was recently big pressure on Damien Priest.

WWE Shuffled PPV Calendar

If you caught WrestleMania Backlash, then you already know this. WWE shuffled their PPV calendar for 2021.

No, we are not talking about just changing Backlash to the abomination known as WrestleMania Backlash.

As WWE has done for as long as any of us can remember, the company airs some teasers for future events during the current one.

This time around, we expected a teaser for the usual June PPV, Money In The Bank.

wwe shuffles ppv calendar

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Well…those expectations were crushed.

Instead, WWE announced that our June PPV this year would be…Hell In A Cell.

Yes, the typical October PPV has been shifted to June for this year.

That’s a big enough surprise, but what happens with Money In The Bank? Has that now shifted to the October slot?

Or, perhaps after last year’s debacle, WWE is just bailing on the show for a year?

Relax fans…neither is likely the case.

Instead, we found this post on Twitter…

That would be significant. It also seems to mean that WWE expects fans would rather come back for Money In The Bank than for Hell In A Cell.

This isn’t the first shuffling, of course. In 2020 and 2019, Money In The Bank was the May PPV, but it has not always been in May.

So, the usual October PPV is moving (at least for 2021) to June. Money In The Bank appears to be the possible big return to regular live crowds.

What then, for October?

I mean, it’s not like WWE has some nice WCW Halloween themed PPV name sitting in mothballs…though for now, looks like October will be for Extreme Rules instead.

Big Pressure On Damien Priest

Damien Priest only recently jumped up to the main roster from NXT…so it may be a bit of a shock to learn that there has been big pressure on Damien Priest.

High hopes are understandable, but big pressure on Damien Priest seems somewhat surprising.

So, what kind of pressure?

pressure on damien priest

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Supposedly, Priest was told that if the WrestleMania match featuring him teaming up with Bad Bunny flopped, he’d suffer the consequences.

That seems crazy, but that is what Damien Priest told Sporting News Australia in a recent chat.

As we all know, thankfully the tag match went off without a hitch. Bad Bunny worked his tail off and was one of the highlights of WrestleMania weekend.

That said, it’s a bit shocking to hear that such pressure would be put on Damien Priest for his first WrestleMania match.

Actually, it’s also concerning. Why anyone would think it’s wise to basically tell a fresh Superstar that “if you blow this match, you’re toast” is beyond me.

It’s one thing to say that to a Superstar who has been around a while and had plenty of chances. But for someone not with WWE that long, and only recently added to the main roster?

That may be all that is wrong with WWE Creative in a nutshell.

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