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Becky Lynch Rumor, Road Dogg Health Update Following Heart Attack

With WrestleMania 37 weekend here, there is a big Becky Lynch rumor. And, an update on Road Dogg's health after suffering a heart attack.

There is a huge Becky Lynch rumor floating around that involves this weekend’s WrestleMania. Also, Triple H has provided an update after Road Dogg suffered a heart attack. 

Becky Lynch Rumor

Shortly after WrestleMania 36, fans learned Becky Lynch was pregnant. Therefore, she vacated the RAW Women’s Championship and has been off TV ever since.

Now, we are closing in on one year of inactivity. But, as noted earlier, both Lynch and Ronda Rousey are expected to return in the near future.

For Lynch, that could happen at WrestleMania 37. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how there was an idea for her to appear alongside Bayley.

“If they add a Bayley talk segment to Mania, that would likely be Lynch’s return as the idea of her driving a big truck in at one of the two Mania shows during a Bayley talk show segment is something we were told was being planned at one point. That also explains Bayley seemingly not booked for the show after a year when she was women’s MVP.”

Bayley still has no match for the show, which is odd considering her lengthy run as SmackDown Women’s Champion. So, we may very well see “The Man” return before Sunday concludes.

Originally, WWE wanted Lynch to enter WrestleMania 36 driving an 18-wheeler. Because of COVID and the event being moved, that was not possible.

WrestleMania does seem to be lacking a major name this year as Rousey, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are not booked. But, an appearance from Lynch would get the live crowd to pop.

Road Dogg Health Update Following Heart Attack

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After a medical scare, “Road Dogg” Brian James is apparently doing better. In fact, he is already back to work and was involved with Takeover Stand & Deliver.

Triple H addressed James’ current status after the second night of Takeover Stand & Deliver. He noted how James helped with the show from his home.

“I want to mention that Brian James, Road Dogg, has been home the last few days,” said Triple H (thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transpiration). “He is recovering, but he is healthy, he is good.” 

“He is recovering at home, doing well. We had him set up, so he was on a headset over the last two days, and you know, kind of being involved and stuff.”

“As he gets his strength back and everything, feeling good, he will be back at it, back to being the Road Dogg in no time. I just wanted to give a shout-out to him.” 

“We greatly miss him here. He’ll be back soon enough, but he is doing well.”

On March 25, James suffered a heart attack. He was heading home from a taping of NXT when it occurred.

Then, this past week, his wife announced that he was released from the hospital. She noted that his heart is doing, but some life changes will need to be made.

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