Buried Nexus Member
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One former Nexus member feels he was buried by John Cena, as he revealed in a recent interview. Plus, former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis rips  former boss Stephanie McMahon for how she claims to support women’s wrestling.

John Cena Buried Nexus Member

If you are a fan of the Internet Wrestling Community, plenty of talented people have been wronged by John Cena. A former Nexus member has come out, saying he was buried by the decorated part time WWE Superstar.

So, which former Nexus member was buried?

This time, it would be Michael Tarver lodging the complaint.

While the whole Nexus angle wasn’t that long ago, and it was good at the time. However, I honestly struggled to remember him from it.

His run within WWE was just that notable.

Plenty of people have said, in retrospect, that WWE botched that angle. It burned out too quickly.

I think even John Cena himself had spoken about wishing it had gone differently.

Many members of that Nexus faction ended up having solid runs within WWE on their own.

Daniel Bryan enjoyed the most success, of course. Wade Barrett would likely be second on that list.

Skip Sheffield enjoyed success after the group, once he became Ryback. Others, like Heath Slater, David Otunga and Darren Young, enjoyed some modest level of success too.

Not on that list? Michael Tarver.

Tarver, in a recent podcast appearance, feels that for whatever reason, John Cena buried him. He said he was told he had heat and feels that Cena just didn’t like him or want him to succeed.

While Tarver said he has no beef with Cena now, it was likely frustrating at the time.

However, it’s worth pointing out that many former members of Nexus has success outside of the group, either within or outside of WWE. 

That Tarver did not, may mean he wasn’t really buried by John Cena.

So, was the former Nexus member really buried? Likely depends on your perspective…

Maria Kanellis Rips Former Boss

Maria Kanellis and her husband had an interesting, and perhaps a bit odd, recent run with WWE that ended in 2020. Now, Maria Kanellis rips her former boss, Stephanie McMahon.

Specifically, Kanellis is calling into question McMahon’s supposed advocacy for women’s wrestling.

maria kanellis former boss

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With WWE’s notable “Women’s Revolution” that ushered in Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, to the all female PPV…Stephanie McMahon has been positioned as a key advocate in all of it.

Well, Maria Kanellis spoke out recently, and wondered if Stephanie McMahon was actually doing enough.

Specifically, the now ROH star wondered why Stephanie McMahon did not use her position of power to have another Evolution-type PPV. 

Or, as I have wondered myself, why there wasn’t at least some sort of dedicated WWE Network show specifically featuring the Women’s Division.

The company has even seemingly abandoned the Mae Young Classic. That had been a way for fans to be introduced to some outstanding wrestling talent.

No matter what you might think about Kanellis and her husband, she has a point.

Stephanie McMahon is the boss’s daughter, but she is also a key WWE executive.

She should be able to wield influence and make another women’s PPV, or a women’s show (or both) a reality.

Sure, things might have been planned before COVID shook things up…but we’ve heard nothing either way.

I’d call this less a case of sour grapes, and more a point I wish some active Superstars (of all genders) would make.

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