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Is Edge Out With An Injury? + New Program For

After being off TV, people are wondering if Edge is out with an injury. And, Aleister Black is back and likely already has a program set.

Since WrestleMania 37 there has been no Edge, leading to questions if he suffered an injury. Also, Aleister Black just returned and is set for a big program. 

Is Edge Out With An Injury?

Some of the greatest stories in pro wrestling are those that are unscripted and really tug at the heart. Therefore, when a wrestler is forced into retirement early, there is a sadness felt for weeks or months.

Some, like Daniel Bryan and Edge, are lucky as they were cleared to return years later. Although, some are not lucky, such as Paige, who was never able to come out of retirement.

In a strange, twist Bryan and Edge were allowed to compete again and found themselves in the main event of WrestleMania 37, where they lost to Roman Reigns. WWE had Reigns pin both superstars at once, showcasing his dominance as the biggest star on the roster. 

That took place in April and Bryan kept feuding with Reigns. The feud ended when Reigns won a singles match to force Bryan off SmackDown.

This was done to write Bryan off TV as his contract expired. So far, he is yet to sign a new deal but has has spoken about working for other companies.

Now, Edge has not been spotted since the triple threat loss. This led to some speculation that he might have injured his neck again.

While speaking on Fightful Select’s Backstage Report podcast, Sean Ross Sapp said that is not the case. Simply, Edge is taking “planned time off.”

Per his contract, Edge is set to wrestle only a few times per year. That number might have changed since he missed most of 2020 with a tricep tear. 

With SummerSlam in three months and fans being present, “The Rated Superstar” could very well work a match. Then, the question becomes, who should Edge wrestle?

New Program For Aleister Black

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This past week, SmackDown was on and it was nothing special for the post WrestleMania Backlash edition. Well, that was until the end of the show.

Fans were in the middle of a Fatal Four-Way Intercontinental Championship match between Apollo Crews, Big E, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the main event. Then, things took a dramatic turn.

The lights went out and some spoke filled the entrance way. Down came Aleister Black, who fans have not seen wrestle since October.

He delivered Black Mass to Big E, which allowed Crews to maintain his title. Then, the show ended as Black left.

Nobody saw that moment coming. WWE had been airing vignettes of Black with a slightly different gimmick for over a month.

Although, fans were not sure if they would amount to anything. After so many vignettes, people were starting to wonder if there was a point.

There was and during the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer sees Black and Big E in a program.

Aleister Black Vs. Big E

“It was a TV match and they weren’t going to change the title,” said Meltzer. “And, they were going to move Big E to Aleister Black — that’s the program.” 

“So, that’s how they set up the new program. They weren’t going to change the title, so that’s what they wanted.”

It will be the first time these two work together, so it refreshing. Also, it likely means Owens and Apollo will feud over the belt, with Zayn possibly being added.

Last time fans saw Black was on RAW as he recently turned heel. He lost to Owens and was removed from TV with no explanation.

Black’s wife, Zelina Vega, was recently spotted at WWE and should be back on TV. There is a possibility the real life couple work together.

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