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Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame spoke out this week to send a brutal message to liberals for disrespecting God, saying that there will be “Hell to pay” for them.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Sounds Off On Leftists

On this week’s episode of “In the Woods with Phil,” the Robertson family patriarch claimed that even though liberals may think they “won” now that Joe Biden is in office, they have actually lost where it really counts. 

“You left-wingers, you Marxists, you’ve got hell to pay. It’s coming. You lose … because you didn’t bow your knee to God and Him only. And you weren’t thankful,” said Phil, 75. 

Phil then quoted the Bible verse Psalm 118:28, saying, “You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you.”

“All of you left-wing Marxists scoff at Him and mock Him. You scoff at us and mock us. You tear away the foundation of the country. You’re robbers, thieves, liars, killers, but we’ll be here at the resurrection no matter what you do,” he added. 

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Phil Robertson Says We Need More ‘Manliness’ In America

This comes weeks after Phil spoke about needing more “manliness” in America.

“What in the world happened to America’s manhood and its boldness?” he said on another episode. “What America needs, simply put, is more manliness, more boldness, more grit. We need to look back, instead of trying to rewrite and erase our history.”

“This [country] started on the backs of hunters, fishermen, trappers. That’s how we started,” he added. “You look up 240 years later, and you’re like, ‘What in the world happened to America’s manhood and its boldness?’ Can’t even stand a black cup of coffee these days.”

“What we need are more men in America who tell it like it is,” Phil continued. “They do what is right no matter where they are. They are what they are. We’re losing that at an alarming rate.”

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Believes Radical Left Is Destroying America

Of course, it’s the radical left that has caused America to lose both its “manliness” and it’s connection to God.

The “woke” liberals out there don’t want Americans to be subservient to God, as they instead only want people to bow down to the Democrat government.

“Manliness” and “boldness” are no longer prized qualities in this country because that would only lead to Americans questioning the things the “woke” left is telling them. 

Once again, Phil Robertson has hit the nail on the head with his message to liberals. The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch is a wise man, and he knows exactly what is going on. 

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