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While appearing on a Christian podcast this week, Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame let fans know that people from all over America travel to his hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana to be baptized by him.

Phil Robertson Discusses Christian Faith On Podcast

Last Saturday, Robertson appeared on the “Edifi With Billy Hallowell” podcast to discuss his new book, Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America. The 74 year-old then explained the premise behind his “Unashamed” podcast.

“We’re reaching out to our neighbor and we’re telling him to love their God, repent and turn to God,” Robertson said. “Love God and love your neighbor.”

He added that his podcast has had such such a strong impact that people are going above and beyond to embrace his call to affirm Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

“We convert them by the thousands,” Robertson explained. “They’re coming from that podcast … about nine or maybe 10 in the last three days. They’ve come all the way down here.”

“I’ve baptized that whole little crew,” he added. “Well, it’s that way every … day or two. I mean, they just keep coming.”

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Phil Robertson Talks Baptizing Trump

Robertson even said that he offered to baptize President Donald Trump, going on to recount a meeting he had with before the 2016 presidential election. He said that he told Trump in this exchange that Jesus Christ “died for Donald Trump’s sins.” 

“He conquered death for the human race,” Robertson said.

Robertson said that Trump appeared to be interested in learning more about Christianity. At the end of the conversation, Robertson told him to “find somebody up here to baptize you. … If you can’t find anybody you trust, get a hold of me and I’ll come up here and baptize you.”

Robertson added that he and Trump have spoken on the phone since then, but the president has admitted to him that he has yet to be baptized.

“The last time I saw him, I gave him some verses on the new birth, being baptized and what it means,” Robertson said. “And I’m convinced he’s put his faith in Jesus and I’m convinced he’s a brother.”

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‘Doing Battle With Forces Of Evil’

Later in the podcast, Phil Robertson said that if more people heeded the call to “love God and love your neighbor,” America would not be in the state of unrest that is in right now.

“You wouldn’t see this mischief, mayhem, robbing, looting, [and] shooting,” he said. “We’re at a tipping point. The forces of evil are going against the forces of good.”


Though he said that we are “we’re doing battle with the forces of evil,” Robertson made sure to say that it’s important to fight the battle in “a loving way” and offer the “forces of evil” a chance to repent.

Let’s hope Phil’s message reaches the activists using violence rather than love to express themselves.

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