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Carmella Upset With Opportunities, WWE Referee Was Suspended

Carmella is upset with the lack of opportunities being presented to the female superstars. And, a WWE referee was quietly suspended.

The WWE women’s division has been a bit polarizing of late, and Carmella is upset with opportunities, or lack of them. Plus, one WWE referee from NXT was suspended earlier in the year.

Carmella Upset With Opportunities

Carmella might be money, but Carmella is upset with opportunities not being given to the women within WWE.

That might seem crazy to hear it, but she also does have a point.

Carmella upset with opportunities
Source: custom, Carmella Twitter screenshot

It may seem strange, hearing that Carmella is upset with opportunities the women don’t always have, especially considering two women closed night one of WrestleMania this year.

However, it seems as though Carmella is more broadly discussing the opportunities the women get, week in and week out.

She recently took time to spoke on the Bella Twins Podcast, and this topic came up.

Carmella elaborated on the point.

It’s a view that others have had over the years too.

You can sit and watch WWE television-RAW or SmackDown, specifically-and sometimes get more than halfway into the show before you have a women’s match, or even a women’s segment.

It’s those nights that has Carmella upset with opportunities the women sometimes lack.

While I have not paid attention to the placement lately, I know I had noticed at times the uneven use. Sometimes we might get several women’s matches, though none last too long.

It also feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve had a women’s match close out either show. I can’t say if that’s linked to Becky Lynch or Ronda Rousey being off television or not, but there are other women who could shine there too.

While it isn’t the same as getting decent time on RAW or SmackDown, I am surprised that WWE has not delivered even a one hour show on the WWE Network platform, specifically devoted to women. 

I, for one, actually miss the Mae Young Classic. It was a great way to showcase the women, including a lot of new faces. 

Having that return could be great. If we can have 205 Live, I don’t know why a show centered around the women’s division couldn’t fly.

WWE Referee Was Suspended

In ring officials are not always noticed-the best referees tend to blend in, unless the plan specifies otherwise. Well, one WWE referee was suspended recently, because he wasn’t blending in.

More specifically, he was making waves and becoming known for questionable conduct outside of the WWE…but frequently got noticed because he was a WWE referee.

Specifically, the WWE referee in hot water is former NXT head referee Drake Wuertz.

While the name might not be so well known, it’s a safe bet if you’ve followed NXT, you will know of Wuertz.

wwe referee was suspended nxt DRAKE WUERTZ
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In recent months, Drake Wuertz has made news by being extremely vocal about some very fringe, ultra-right positions. This includes some conspiracy theory items, and most recently an anti-mask rant that was recorded and shared.

According to Fightful, WWE quietly suspended Wuertz in early 2021. 

It was reported that he received time off for bad behavior. WWE appears to have briefly banished the referee from the Capital Wrestling Center too.

Upon his return, he found his official duties significantly changed. He is no longer the head referee, and he was bypassed for several other significant roles.

Reports indicated he might have changed for the better…but then there’s this:

Given the controversy, and WWE’s recent releases, it’s safe to wonder if his latest transgression might be his last.

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