John Cooper

John Cooper has been known to fans for many years as the lead singer in the Christian rock band Skillet. He’s addressing what he sees as Christians being in the middle of a “civil war” over social justice and critical race theory. 

Cooper recently released a book called “Awake & Alive to Truth,” that delves into modern worldviews.

John Cooper Blasts Critical Race Theory

In an interview with Fox News, Cooper condemned critical race theory (CRT). He said:

A conclusion of CRT is that … majority-White churches that don’t have Black leadership are racist. But if they do have Black leadership, they may be racist because they’re tokenizing Blacks. But if they have a Black man that they believe is gifted, and they want to send him to a Bible college – after that man gets done with Bible college, if he comes back to the White-majority church and the White-majority church keeps him for their own, then they could be guilty of racism for holding talent in the White community and not sending it out to the Black community.

But if that Black man comes back afterwards, and they send him back to the Black community, it’s proof of racism because they don’t want to be under Black leadership.

Cooper went on to add that CRT “has made everything in life seen through a monocausality of the color of your skin. It’s those kinds of things that I see as a completely separate worldview than Christianity.”

“But it is being imported into the Bible, and then people are using Bible scriptures along with that worldview — but they don’t actually go together,” he continued. “They’re kind of imposing a wrong worldview with the words of Christ. So, now the words of Christ don’t mean the same thing as they historically have meant.”

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Cooper Takes On BLM

He also has concerns about Black Lives Matter (BLM), which he has identified as a political organization that is hellbent on destroying America as we know it. 

“What I hear from BLM is destroy the nuclear family — that’s the opposite of what God has said. All I hear is let’s have the government take care of more people,” he said. “Well, that’s the opposite of what God says. It’s the parents’ job to govern the children. That is your mandate from God, and you can’t buck against the design of God.”

Cooper added. “I am all about the solutions and I am desperately asking the other side to give me some besides ‘you need to know how hard my life has been.’ I believe them. I believe them that life has been that hard, but there’s nothing I can do about that.”

“The Bible gives us a lot of solutions; things like promoting sexual morality, promoting marriage, promoting fatherhood, working hard, work ethic, teaching the wisdom of Proverbs,” John Cooper said. “I don’t hear any of these solutions coming frankly from the other side – all that I hear is march for systemic racism, and I don’t know what that is going to do. But I do know this – if you apply the wisdom of Proverbs to your life, you will thrive, and there is nothing that can stop you from flourishing because you are acting within the design of God.”

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Wokeness Is Taking Over America 

“Honest conversations are really hard to have these days because people are … ready to fight and so I just pray – I’m not suggesting I always do a good job of this – but I always do pray that I could be full of the spirit of God in order to be gracious toward someone that I disagree with,” he said. “I can’t be responsible if they will reciprocate that to me – and I know that I have strong opinions and I say things firmly – but I really want to have those conversations.”

John Cooper said that his “woke friends” question his Christian faith if he doesn’t march for social injustices because they believe it’s a “gospel issue.”

“Wokeness” is slowly taking over America, and our children are being indoctrinated with it every day.

If we don’t do something to put a stop to this soon, there’s no telling what will happen to our country and society moving forward.