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Columbia University Faces Backlash Over Graduation Ceremonies Based On Race, Wealth

Columbia University offers six commencement ceremonies which divides graduates up based on race, sexual orientation, and wealth.

Columbia University is doing some damage control after it was reported today that the Ivy League School is having six different graduation celebrations based upon race, sexuality, and wealth.

Columbia’s Multicultural Affairs Department announced the six different commencement celebrations. 

Native American, Asian, Black, and “Latinx” can celebrate together. Graduates who are the first in their family to go to college or are low income can attain “FLI Graduation” (First generation and/or Low Income). LGBTIAQ+ community will have a “Lavender” ceremony.

Social media suddenly lit up in reaction to what appears to be the segregation of graduates with many being excluded because of their skin color. Columbia is so woke they even use “Latinx” instead of Latino. 

Cotton: Critical Race Theory Leads To Segregation

In some situations, today’s political correctness appears to take a page from the past.

As Senator Tom Cotton points out in the tweet below, this is leading to segregation with people being categorized and some are left out.

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Columbia attempted to clarify that there is still a large inclusive graduation ceremony. 

“These events bringing together all of our graduates and their families are a high point of every academic year,” a spokesperson for the university told Daily Mail. “The smaller celebratory events held for particular groups are in addition to, not instead of, the main Commencement and Class Day graduation ceremonies.”

With students being segregated for these celebrations, certainly some will be excluded.

There isn’t a special celebration for White graduates.

In today’s woke environment, that would possibly be construed as a racist event.

But, isn’t excluding someone for their race and skin color racist?

What about those who come from money? Columbia certainly needs their financial support but there isn’t a country club theme ceremony. 

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Columbia Clarifies

Columbia got such backlash about these six events the school took to Twitter to clarify and state that they are voluntary. 

Even with the explanation, many questions still remain. 

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