WWE & Snoop Dogg Beefing, Alberto Del Rio Causes AEW Problems

WWE Snoop Dogg Beefing
Source: The Source Magazine Twitter, Screenshot

Snoop Dogg and WWE had a minor falling out and the two sides are beefing. Also, Alberto Del Rio, who does not work for AEW, has caused the promotion some trouble.

WWE & Snoop Dogg Beefing

For at least a decade, WWE and Snoop Dogg have worked together sporadically. In fact, one of the biggest superstars, Sasha Banks, is related to Snoop Dogg.

Since Snoop Dogg seemingly does what he wants, he is not tied down to just one job. He is a rapper, worked commentary for UFC and Thriller, has plenty of side business and has been known to get a little physical inside a wrestling ring.

On the January 6 special episode of AEW Dynamite titled New Year’s Smash, he appeared in Cody’s corner. During the show, Snoop Dogg even jumped off the top rope.

Well, WWE was not thrilled with Snoop Dogg working for the competition. For Snoop Dogg, he was there to have fun and also promote TBS’ Go-Big Show; which also featured Cody.

In an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning Podcast, the famous rapper went into details.

“This is the dynamics of what happened: I had a show on TBS called Go-Big Show,” said Snoop Dogg. “So, Cody Rhodes was one of the judges on the show and he’s one of the top dogs at AEW. So, as a promotional vehicle for the gig, I went on AEW.”

WWE’s Grudge Did Not Last Long

After the appearance, WWE seemed to avoid working with Snoop Dogg. Although, that did not last and two week later wanted him to do voiceover work for a video games.

That did not fly with the rap legend. The 2016 Hall of Fame celebrity inductee then, for the moment, seemingly blocked WWE.

“‘Hey, you f—ing with them [AEW]? We got to push pause on your a— for a minute,’” as told by Snoop Dogg when he spoke with WWE.

“So, I say, ‘cool.’ They pushed pause for about two weeks and then they say, ‘Hey man, we got this video game and we need you.’” 

“Well, you know what? Since y’all told me to push pause, that’ll be double.”

We will have to see how long it takes for both sides to calm down. Meanwhile, do not be surprised if Snoop Dogg still appears for WWE and AEW as this a small bump.

Alberto Del Rio Causes AEW Problems

Source: Toni Twitter, Screenshot

AEW likes to stay clear of wrestlers with a shaky past, including Alberto Del Rio. Currently, Del Rio is awaiting trial on kidnapping and sexual assault. 

Somehow, Del Rio and AEW talent crossed paths and it is not going over well. He recently wrestled an event that was private, alongside AEW wrestlers.

There were no tickets sold or promotion of the event. SoCal Uncensored broke the story.

We do know that Del Rio took on Daga. And at least AEW’s Penta and Brain Cage were also there. 

Tony Khan will decide if actions need to be taken against his talent appearing on a show with Del Rio. For all intends and purposes, Del Rio is having trouble getting booked in America.

But, he does get a chance in court to prove his innocence.